Why Identity Matters.
And Why it Matters to Do it Right.

You work hard to make sure that every brand interaction is a positive one. However, it’s harder than ever to make this happen consistently if you don’t know where your customers are, how they see you, and what motivates them.

Identity resolution allows you to resolve disparate data to a single, comprehensive view of the customer in a secure and privacy-conscious way.

What is Identity Resolution?

Identity resolution is the process of deterministically resolving hundreds of customer touch-points. By consolidating social profiles, mobile IDs, and customer IDs into a single anonymous identifier, you can effectively execute people-based personalization and measure ROI.

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Why Every Marketer Should Consider Identity


Customers never sit still

People move, get married, change their tastes, and change their tech. It is impossible to maintain up-to-date profiles of your consumers based on incomplete data. Our platform accounts for this and consistently refreshes customer profiles. No matter how customers change, you can still reach them with highly personalized messages and maximize your ROI without wasting marketing spend.



Customer touch-points are scattered and siloed

Marketers rely on a wide range of tools to execute their marketing campaigns. With each new platform, marketers get more data that is harder to turn into real insights. Identity resolution provides a definitive spine across your data sets, allowing you to resolve disparate, siloed data into addressable identity profiles for true people-based marketing.


A fragmented tech stack limits your reach

A fragmented tech stack makes it harder to reach your customers. Without being able to connect your data and marketing tools, you waste advertising budget and miss opportunities to deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Identity resolution makes your media dollars more efficient across vendors and platforms, improving your bottom line.

Not All Identity Solutions Are Created Equal

If you’re ready to revolutionize your marketing with identity resolution, there’s one final step: choosing the right partner. You’ll want one that’s reliable, trustworthy, and privacy-compliant—and that’s exactly what you’ll get with LiveRamp. Offering the largest deterministic identity on the open web, our platform is the clear choice for creating exceptional customer experiences with identity resolution.

Platform features:



Fast, easy onboarding of offline and online data to help you connect data points to a single identifier



Identity resolution of data across all touch-points, including various devices and other IDs so you can address real people



Integration of third-party data from 150+ sources to get a complete, omnichannel view of your target audience


Know Your Audience: The Evolution of Identity in a Consumer-Centric Marketplace

Identity Resolution

Understand users across devices


13 Sweet Identity Resolution Use Cases

Identity Resolution

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If you still have questions about what identity resolution can do for your marketing, please contact us—we can help you develop an effective approach. We’d love to hear from you.