Building a Trusted Ecosystem.

The end of third-party cookies creates an opportunity to build a new, better ecosystem. At its core is a value exchange between individuals and trusted first parties—brands and publishers—for authentication in exchange for valuable content and services.

Trust and Transparency

In a trusted ecosystem, individuals express trust through authentications. The experience must be privacy-focused, transparent, and offer ongoing control of permission and preferences for how data is collected and used.

We’ve aligned with our partners to build and share essential infrastructure to power this vision of a trusted ecosystem. Now, you can leverage what we’ve built and commit to creating a better, open internet for all.

The Opportunity for Brands


Data-driven advertising on the open internet

Partnering with publishers and demand- and supply-side platforms, we transform online customer data into IdentityLinks—secure and trusted identifiers that enable addressability throughout the ecosystem. Minimize and eliminate dependency on cookies by buying media and measuring on IdentityLink. If you’re one of our 400+ brand customers, you’re already set up to do so.


Protect your technology stack in a post-cookie world

Data-driven advertising continues to be an important way to grow businesses and improve customer experiences, but every function must be remediated for continuity once cookies go away. Our identity solutions are interoperable with your existing technology and capabilities, including data management platforms (DMPs), analytics and measurement platforms, and other partners. Work with your partners to begin the transition to buying media and measuring on IdentityLink today.


Secure and Privacy-First by Design

Reaching the right customer requires connecting data with your partners. IdentityLink unlocks the value of your data securely because it’s encoded for every identity space, protecting your data from loss and misuse. IdentityLink is not a unified ID, nor do we use harmful or unsustainable solutions that do not fully protect privacy, such as fingerprinting and hashed emails.


Strategic collaborations built on trust

The trusted ecosystem empowers you to partner with publishers to create powerful new forms of collaboration, leveraging data to deliver superior customer experiences and drive business outcomes. LiveRamp Safe Haven provides a neutral and secure environment that enables permissioned data collaboration between companies. Your data remains yours, giving you continuous control.


Your business is global and so are our solutions

Publishers worldwide are implementing our identity solutions and powering advertising across the open web. The vast majority of demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs) have already adopted the LiveRamp identity infrastructure and IdentityLink, so you can buy and measure on the identifier that works throughout the ecosystem. IdentityLink is becoming the standard for trusted first parties to activate and collaborate with data.

The Opportunity for Publishers


Authenticated inventory is highly valuable

The Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) helps you recognize authenticated users on site in real time to enable data-informed targeting and increase the value of your inventory. Unlock new revenue streams with enhanced direct, PMP, and open-marketplace targeting on identity-enriched ad inventory.


Over 400 leading brands use IdentityLink today

Over 400 of the world’s leading brands trust LiveRamp with their data, including most of the top 50 advertisers in the U.S. When you deploy ATS, you connect your valuable authenticated inventory to the demand from LiveRamp’s base of customers, preventing future loss of revenue from the loss of third-party cookies. 


LiveRamp ATS connects you to the ecosystem

LiveRamp is the neutral entity that connects you to the demand sources throughout the ecosystem. LiveRamp’s infrastructure and its identifier, IdentityLink, is adopted by the vast majority of SSPs, DSPs, agencies, and technology companies serving the industry. We also provide interoperability to other important identity systems, assuring you have the connections you need.

The Opportunity for Technology Platforms


Protect core capabilities in a post-cookie world

Data-driven marketing continues to be essential for businesses to connect with consumers and drive desired business outcomes. Once cookies are gone, core capabilities you provide today will break. LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure enables you to continue providing your customers with core capabilities that deliver ROI.


Create new capabilities

A new set of APIs enable the secure movement of data throughout the ecosystem. These APIs provide opportunities to build new capabilities to help your clients deliver against their business goals.

The Opportunity for Data Providers


Evolve your capabilities beyond cookies

The end of third-party cookies threatens your business’s core capabilities. LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure provides continuity by allowing you to append data attributes to user segments in a privacy-first, transparent manner. You’ll be able to produce high-quality datasets in a cookieless world.


Leading brands leverage IdentityLink

Over 400 of the world’s leading brands, including the majority of the top 50 advertisers in the U.S., take advantage of LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure to seamlessly connect data with IdentityLink-enabled businesses, helping to solve their business challenges.


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