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Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)

Maximize Programmatic Ad Revenue

Measurement: B2B Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Measurement: Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Measurement: B2B Measurement

Analytics & Measurement: B2B Measurement

B2B Onboarding

B2B Onboarding

Privacy Manager

LiveRamp Privacy Manager is a privacy preference and consent management platform for all third-party identifiers, such as cookies and tags, on your websites and apps.

Data Marketplace: B2B Audience Acquisition – Global Audiences

Activate Global Audiences for B2B

Measurement: Single-Platform Conversion Attribution

Connect Exposures to Conversions

Data Marketplace: Audience Strategy

High-Quality, Privacy-Compliant, Portable Data

Measurement: Addressable TV powered by Data Plus Math

Measure Your TV Channel

Onboarding and Activation: Programmatic

Rise Above the Noise

Digital Identity Linking

Match and Distribute Data between Platforms and Applications

Embedded Identity for Measurement Platforms

Measure More Effectively

Onboarding and Activation: DMPs

Supercharge Your DMP with Identity

Measurement: Omnichannel Identity Linking

Improve Your Bottom Line

Onboarding and Activation: Social

Augment Your Audience for Social

Onboarding and Activation: Search

People-Based Search

Onboarding and Activation: Creative Personalization

Improve Programmatic through Creative Optimization

Onboarding and Activation: Addressable TV

TV Advertising Goes One-To-One

Measurement: Multi-Touch Attribution

Measure Across Touchpoints

Measurement: Incrementality Analysis

Test, Learn, Optimize

Website Personalization

Personalize Web Experiences at Scale

Measurement: Account Based Measurement

Measuring ABM Campaigns

Measurement: Advertising Exposure Identity Linking

People-Based Measurement for the Open Internet

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