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Accurately link data

LiveRamp’s identity resolution transforms consumer data from every touchpoint into meaningful person-based identifiers. Our identity graph provides accuracy, reach, privacy, flexibility, and scale, enabling sophisticated, data-driven customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Identity Graph

Graphs hard at work

Our identity resolution is built from two complementary graphs combining offline data and online data, providing the highest level of accuracy while still being privacy compliant.

A one-way anonymization process uses offline data from ethically sourced offline data sources and connects online touchpoints based on current and historic online customer data—powering accuracy and the deterministic reach of our identity graph.

Identity Graph



Stay current

LiveRamp technology for offline data (personally identifiable or “PII”) gives brands and platforms the ability to connect and update what they know about consumers, resolving PII data across enterprise databases and systems to deliver better customer experiences in a privacy-conscious manner.



Our identity graph associates anonymous device IDs, cookie IDs, and other online customer IDs from premium publishers, platforms, or data providers around an IdentityLink—a single person-based identifier. This allows marketers to perform the personalized segmentation, targeting, and measurement use cases that require a consistent view of the user in anonymous spaces.  



Understand users across devices


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Identity Resolution

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Identity Resolution

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