Data Onboarding: Identify Your Customers

Leverage your first-party data in the digital and TV ecosystems. LiveRamp’s onboarding solution gives you access to the industry’s largest deterministic identity graph, while also providing direct integrations with the top platforms in the digital ecosystem—from leading DMPs and DSPs to the major social networks, measurement providers, and connected TV services.

Onboard Offline Data


Push your offline PII into LiveRamp’s privacy-first platform

Our technology is able to ingest your first-party data, remove all PII, and replace them with anonymized IDs called IdentityLinks, a true people-based identifier. The platform is built on a database of personal records going back 60+ years, including names, postal addresses, emails, and phone numbers. This provides you with considerable scale for deterministic offline matching, while guaranteeing the security of your customer’s personal information.


Leverage the power of our Match Network

LiveRamp has partnerships with leading websites and mobile apps to deterministically match IdentityLinks to mobile and publisher-specific IDs. This allows you to reach your customers across the digital ecosystem while applying a people-based approach. The end result is more personalized experiences for consumers and fewer wasted impressions for your ad campaign.


Hundreds of destinations to choose from

With 500+ integrations with the leading platforms in the industry, LiveRamp offers a truly omnichannel solution for activating your data. Our destination partners include DSPs, DMPs, social platforms, search engines, measurement providers, and advanced TV partners.

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