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Rokt: The Power of First-Party Data and Near 100% Match Rates

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Customers expect more personalized and relevant experiences when they’re shopping online. Rokt—a global leader in e-commerce marketing technology—powers technology that optimizes a user’s online journey and drives maximum value out of every customer transaction moment. That’s where LiveRamp comes in. Because Rokt is a first-party data platform, they have an almost 100% match rate with LiveRamp. This gives Rokt a distinct advantage for its advertisers, especially those also using LiveRamp themselves. 

Everything Rokt does is based on the valuable first-party data that powers their platform, and they trust LiveRamp with that data in multiple ways. One method is by onboarding their client’s data, which allows them to do additional targeting. Another way is through LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace, which offers even more opportunities for optimizing segment targeting and modeling. Rokt recognizes that LiveRamp is the most secure and trusted partner to process its customers’ first-party data securely from an internal platform to an external one.


So ROKT is a platform, and we power technology that optimizes and personalizes journeys for users. And ultimately drives more value out of every transaction for the merchants that we work with. Everything that we do is based on dedicated on using data. That means a focus heavy, heavy focus on first party data, and that is what, powers our platform.

So our advertisers that sit in our demand side, are passing us data through LiveRamp because LiveRamp happens to be the most secure and trusted, place for them to actually pass that data to us. So things like suppression lists, winback campaigns, all of that data that we can use for targeting these offers to specific users. We have to use that data to really optimize these campaigns and the best way for us to get that data from our advertisers other than them sending it to us directly is through LiveRamp. We have almost a hundred percent match rate with LiveRamp, so that makes it a super powerful, offering for our advertisers.

Especially those that are already working with LiveRamp, they can get us their data, all of their data in a near real time, almost at a hundred percent match rates. Which is hugely beneficial and powerful for them. LiveRamp has been doing this, secure data onboarding and housing of data longer than anybody else. And so if you’re gonna trust somebody in that space to actually do this for you, It has to be LiveRamp.

You should be using a third party and specifically LiveRamp to be your trusted source to get your data from inside of your own platforms into other platforms securely and in a trusted way.