Data Network: Trusted, Connected, Meaningful Data

Anywhere and Everywhere


A single integration

Our platform provides a gateway to many unique datasets with a single integration, providing a simplified workflow to find, enrich, and activate data tailored to your needs across social, premium publishers, programmatic, and TV.

Omnichannel Ecosystem

Access global data to enhance and extend customer knowledge

Data networks enable search, discovery, and distribution of data, with access to trusted industry-leading third-party data globally. The LiveRamp platform allows users to organize, group, and access ethically sourced global data, connected via IdentityLinks, and achieve better campaign targeting and audience intelligence.

Identity Graph

Power in linking

LiveRamp seamlessly connects audience data across the marketing ecosystem, making it safe and easy for marketers to activate anywhere and everywhere and enhance their customer acquisition and retention efforts. All data is tied to unique IDs—IdentityLinks—for the greatest possible person-based scale and accuracy.

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Data network benefits

We make data accessible, consistent, consumable, and portable across any platform you work with.

Our platform helps data providers manage the organization, access, and operation of their data and services available across platforms, publishers, agencies, brands, and data companies. Providers and buyers can also leverage our neutral data marketplace, featuring 180 providers across all verticals and data types.

Partner Integrations

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Data Network

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Privacy-Compliant, Trusted Data

LiveRamp’s Global Data Ethics and Public Policy Program, founded in 1991, is constantly evolving to prioritize consumer privacy. We review all third-party data in our Data Marketplace so buyers can be confident that purchased segments have been sourced ethically by our partners, ensuring that consumers have been provided notice, opt-out, and choice management, and that the intended use of the data is permissible.

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