Measurement: B2B Measurement

B2B Marketing ROI Measurement: Account-Level Reports and Analytics

Understand the true impact and ROI of your B2B marketing initiatives multidimensionally across channels and accounts, with data and metrics that align with your account-based marketing and goals. Get configurable B2B marketing reports with control and choice over the data used.

Measurement for B2B Marketers


Measure online & offline channels

Tie together activities and events across online and offline channels to drive a single view of your B2B marketing performance. Then, measure the complete journey from impression to closed revenue with data from channels like programmatic, direct display, organic, search, social, and CRM to optimize your investments and better align with your sales strategies and goals.


Analytics at the account level

Go beyond disconnected individual data and measure account-level insights. Measure your marketing impact across target organizations by resolving different online and offline data to  accounts using people-based identifiers across channels and devices to aggregate metrics in a privacy-conscious manner.


Uncover insights for your audience

Match account activities to sales activities with existing KPIs and discover new insights for sales with unique data sets. Monitor and deep-dive into metrics and trends that allow for real-time decisions with your B2B marketing strategies and tactics.


Leverage B2B data of your choice for measurement that matters

Choose the data inputs that matter to power your B2B marketing measurement. Leverage internal data such as campaign and web logs, CRM data, and account lists. Select the third-party data that best maps to the audiences you want to measure with leading data providers or leverage an existing license.


Safe and ethical data use

Uncover and link activities to your accounts in a privacy-conscious way with persistent, pseudonymous identifiers. LiveRamp is committed to ensuring data use is ethical and appropriate in a secure environment, and that consumers have appropriate transparency and control of how their data is used.

B2B Measurement Reports

Gain account-level insights with an online suite of customizable and dynamic reports and visualizations.

Data Feeds for B2B Analytics

Power your own analytics and measurement with raw data and account mappings.



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