Your Personal Information, Your Rights

Several countries provide their residents with specific rights regarding their personal information. Learn about your data privacy rights and how to exercise them below

Types of Requests

Residents of certain countries and states have the right to submit Data Subject Requests to control their data within LiveRamp. These Data Subject Rights consist of the right to Opt-out of the sale or sharing of personal information, the right to have your data deleted from our systems, and the right to access the data that we hold on you.

Access Request

You have the right to request access to the personal information we have about you.

For this type of request, LiveRamp will provide you with an Access Report which will contain an explanation of the information we collect, use, or sell about you, the categories of data we have collected about you, such as the categories of personal information and data sources and the categories of third parties with whom we have shared your information.

Learn more about the process and what you may need in our FAQ section, or to start a request, click below.

Make an Access Request here:

Opt-out Request

When you submit an opt-out request, your personal information will no longer be sold or shared with third parties for their own use

Make an Opt-out Request here:

Deletion Request

When you submit a deletion request, we remove all personal information related to you from all our systems.

Note: If you are planning to submit both a Deletion Request and an Access Request, we recommend that you submit the Access Request first, then submit a Deletion Request after reviewing your completed report from us. Otherwise, we will not have any personal information to return to you in an Access Request.

Also note that if you choose to have us delete your information, you will still continue to receive ads across the internet. If your goal is to minimize personalized ads by third parties who use our services and otherwise minimize their ability to transfer personal information about you, we recommend that you submit an Opt-out instead of a Deletion Request.

To learn more about the distinction between the Deletion Request and the Opt-out, please see the information in our FAQ section.

Make a Deletion Request here:

Other Enquiries

If you are experiencing any issues submitting a rights request online or by phone, or have any questions about your privacy rights, please contact us here.

Who is LiveRamp?

LiveRamp is a data connectivity platform. Our technology sits between you, the individual, and a brand that markets through advertising. It ensures any data connected across the internet for the purpose of digital advertising considers your privacy and choice a priority at all times. Our service allows websites that rely on digital advertising to keep your experience free of charge and personalized.


By design, much of the internet is ad-supported, so data provides a much-needed context for delivering a better, more relevant advertising experience to individuals. That said, a culture of accountability is essential to succeed in a data-driven world. LiveRamp believes that individuals should have transparency, visibility, and choice into how their data is being used.

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LiveRamp and
Data Privacy

We believe that consumers have a fundamental right to decide how their data is used. We also believe in the power of data, and that it can be used to shape our world for the better. Data used properly and ethically benefits consumers, businesses, and the economy. We are committed to education around data privacy, transparency, and choice.

For more in-depth details on your rights, read our Privacy Notice

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