Target Real People, Anywhere.


Know who you’re targeting wherever you’re targeting them with an omnichannel, privacy-safe link to identity.

Creative and media strategies fall down when planners and buyers can’t target the right prospects in the media platforms they’re paying so much for. Liveramp IdentityLink ties data, devices, and cookies back to real people—across every channel and platform. It’s the only way to deliver the deterministic precision you or your clients need without compromising on reach.

  • IdentityLink™ for CRM Retargeting

    Connect known data from first-party platforms like CRM or point-of-sale systems to anonymous IDs

    • Problem

      Online campaigns aren’t as effective as they could be when data from CRM, email, point-of-sale systems, and other offline channels are siloed from digital marketing efforts. These data silos make it impossible to deploy targeted advertising campaigns that also maintain customer privacy.

    • Solution

      Marketers and the companies they work with upload known data from first-, second-, and third-party data sources, resolve it to an omnichannel privacy-safe link with IdentityLink, then onboard to one of 500+ LiveRamp partners to deploy targeted ads to known customers. When you have a privacy-safe way to match consumer data to online devices and digital IDs, you can launch smarter, online targeted advertising campaigns.

    • Online Purchase

      Spot Cross‑Sell and Upsell Opportunities

      Customer purchase history resolved to an omnichannel ID makes it easier for marketers to offer consumers exactly what they’re looking for everywhere.

    • link copy

      Define Smarter Audience Segments

      Resolve first-, second-, and third-party data with online behavioral data, to add an extra dimension to segmentation..

    • General Template 3

      Run Cross‑Channel Campaigns

      Identity resolution to an omnichannel ID is the first step to delivering a seamless experience for the same person across multiple channels and devices.

  • IdentityLink™ for Cross‑channel Marketing

    Reach the same consumers across channels and devices

    • Problem

      Consumers aren’t getting a consistent message from marketing campaigns deployed across different channels and devices, contributing to poor engagement and low conversions.

    • Solution

      Consumers want to have smooth, seamless interactions with the companies they interact with, no matter the channel or device. With a privacy-safe way to match people-based data to online devices and digital IDs, it’s easy to launch smarter, online targeted advertising campaigns.

    • Methodology

      Increase Conversion and Lift

      Improve campaign performance with consistent messages and offers throughout the customer journey.

    • Distribute

      Simplify Cross‑Channel Execution

      Upload data to one platform—LiveRamp—for identity resolution, then onboard it to multiple technology platforms or publishers with ease.

    • Publisher Data

      Reach Customers Beyond Their Devices

      Today’s consumers are each using multiple devices. Understanding how effective a marketing campaign is across these different touchpoints requires a way to resolve behavior back to the consumer in a deterministic way.

  • IdentityLink™ for Audience Suppression

    Optimize ad spend and create smart, personalized experiences

    • Problem

      New and loyal customers don’t want to be treated like prospects and see a discount meant for first-time buyers. Suppressing audience-specific content accurately requires an omnichannel understanding of the consumer.

    • Solution

      Consumers want ads that are relevant to them. Resolve online IDs back to the consumer and tell preferred targeting platforms or publishers not to show that discount meant to convert new customers. The result? An improved quality of ad spend and a better customer experience.

    • Publisher(Data)

      Reduce Waste, Save Money

      Consumers won’t ignore messages when they’re relevant.

    • 2nd Party Data

      Deliver White Glove Service

      Identity Resolution ensures new and current customers always receive the best brand experiences.

    • link copy

      Maintain a Gold Standard

      Establish brand equity with a polished and well‑planned marketing strategy.

  • IdentityLink™ for Look‑Alike Modeling

    Target prospects who act like the ideal customer

    • Problem

      Growing a marketing audience intelligently is no easy task. Without understanding identity, finding new and ideal customers is messy and inefficient.

    • Solution

      With IdentityLink, it’s easy for analytics platforms to receive marketing data related to a brand’s best customers and run look-alike modeling to generate a list of high-quality prospects. Expanded reach has never been so high quality.

    • Smart Reach

      Expand Your Reach

      Proven consumer segments are low-hanging fruit—make it easy to find them with IdentityLink.

    • Ad Suppression

      Maximize Investments

      Avoid spending time and money on low-value prospects or segments.

    • Customer Data

      Enable Smart Bidding

      Match cost‑per-action (CPA) efforts with the expected value of specific customer segments.

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