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Discover IdentityLink

LiveRamp IdentityLink™ is an identity resolution  service that ties data back to real people and makes it possible to onboard that data for people-based marketing initiatives across digital channels.

Identity resolution process

  • Identity Resolution

    Build omnichannel view

    Upload your data to LiveRamp and resolve all of your first-, second-, and third-party, exposure, and transaction data to real people.

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  • Publisher(Data)

    Onboard data

    IdentityLink™ resolves your people data to any of 500+ technology platforms that support targeting, personalization, and measurement.

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Creating an identity graph for people-based marketing

  1. Resolve all of your data across channels and devices to a single customer
  2. Augment what you know with what other people know
  3. Activate your knowledge anywhere and everywhere
  4. Capture and optimize based on every type of feedback

Execute or support consumer-centric marketing

  • Targeting

    People-based targeting

    Don’t serve an ad for a backpack to someone who just bought one. Serve them an ad for trekking poles. IdentityLink improves coordination of delivery across every channel.

  • Personalization

    People-based personalization

    Recognize a website visitor, apply what you know about them, and provide a customized offer. IdentityLink improves satisfaction.

  • Measurement

    People-based measurement

    Tie media exposure to brand lift or purchase data to measure the impact of marketing. Fuel an attribution model. IdentityLink improves marketing mix.

Discover IdentityLink

A standard-bearer for privacy and security

The sheer complexity of managing consumer privacy across so many channels and platforms is daunting. Without a means of doing so, marketers and the companies they work with are exposed to potentially brand-damaging legal issues and consumer backlash. As a LiveRamp SafeHaven certified environment, IdentityLink adheres to stringent privacy and security standards. Leave the worrying to us.

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There’s an IdentityLink just for you

  • Brands

    Increase return on marketing spend and build stronger relationships with consumers through deterministic, people-based marketing.

  • Agencies

    Improve campaign results and strengthen consultative relationships with brands by employing deterministic, people-based marketing for clients.

  • Data owners

    Increase sales by packaging data for use as part of deterministic, people-based marketing initiatives.

  • Platforms

    Increase brand sales and strengthen customer relationships by building deterministic, people-based marketing solutions.

  • Publishers

    Increase sales by offering brands the ability to implement deterministic, people-based marketing initiatives at greater scale on your properties.

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