180 Days To A Cookieless Future

With all the changes in the advertising ecosystem, marketers need to ensure they can achieve better business outcomes — now and in the future. LiveRamp can deliver addressable, high-value consumers without cookies and device identifiers across any channel. And you can do it in 180 days or less.


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Get Started
The First 60 days

Start Small

Audit your existing campaign buying strategy and develop a plan. Start activating against key KPIs without using third-party cookies or device IDs.
Days 61-120

Benchmark and Learn

Set benchmarks by running your cookie and device ID-based campaigns in tandem with LiveRamp’s authenticated solution. Understand how your audience data and campaign performance is evolving.
Days 121-180

Optimize for your KPIs

Implement more advanced authentication strategies that support retargeting and suppression. Optimize your buys and strategies based on your data.

Made In: Activating First-Party Data

Hear from Made In, a rapidly growing direct-to-consumer cookware company, on how they activated their first-party data and discovered new audiences.
Beyond 180 days

Celebrate Your Cookie Independence

Congratulations! You’ve stopped your reliance on cookies and device identifiers and entered the renaissance of digital advertising—reaching higher-quality audiences based on authentications. Continue to prove out your investment that will stand the test of time by delivering better business outcomes.

About LiveRamp’s Authenticated Identity Infrastructure

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Identity Infrastructure improves consumer transparency, experiences, and privacy. For brands, it powers people-based activation, measurement, frequency capping, suppression, and retargeting without relying on third-party cookies or device identifiers.



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