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Why Every Day is Data Privacy Day

  • - LiveRamp
  • 3 min read

This year’s International Data Privacy Day is the first of the 2020s. In the last decade, this event has provided an excellent service, prompting many to update their privacy settings, change their passwords, or back up their security software. Today, Data Privacy Day is not only a good reminder for individuals and businesses to review their privacy checklists, but it’s also an opportunity to evaluate our ability to enable trust and reflect on how much we can do every day to advance our commitment to respecting and safeguarding data. At LiveRamp, we continuously work with the world’s leading organizations on the major privacy initiatives shaping the way organizations protect and use data now and in the future. 

LiveRamp is a proud member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and we have and continue to collaborate on various data privacy-related work streams. In working with the IAB Tech Lab, we educated other IAB members on what the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) really entails, and advised on how the ecosystem should adapt to a world without third-party cookies, as well as how to set and drive adoption around industry standards, such as those around measurement. 

An international industry group, the IAB also runs a number of working groups across Europe in which LiveRamp participates, focusing on addressing regulations with guidelines like the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) initiative for GDPR.  LiveRamp is also actively involved in IAB’s data labeling initiative, a project designed to help create more transparency for the sources of third-party data.  

Another leading institution and invaluable information hub, the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) is a think-tank based in Washington, D.C. LiveRamp sits on the FPF Advisory Board, which focuses on supporting transparency, user control, and the advancement of responsible data practices, and is actively engaged with them on a number of working groups. 

All of LiveRamp’s privacy professionals are members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). A neutral, global privacy organization, the IAPP is the source of truth for privacy professionals across every industry, providing privacy certification programs and an in-depth knowledge base of the events, laws, and trends from around the world. LiveRamp’s regular involvement with IAPP helps keep our finger on the pulse of the privacy discussion, so we not only prepare our business, but also help guide our clients and partners. 

Of course, in addition to these organizations and associations, we also actively partner with other leading and like-minded data privacy technology providers, such as privacy software platform WireWheel. Bundled together with Privacy Manager, LiveRamp’s preference and consent management tool, we offer a comprehensive CCPA compliance product that manages consumer preferences and on-site partners, verifies identities, and securely enables data aggregation and deletion, as well as fulfills subject rights requests.

So why is this all important? In 2020, over 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet worldwide. In only five years, that number will more than double. Just today, over 500 million tweets and 294 billion emails were sent. Four petabytes of data were created on Facebook alone. So from now on, every day needs to be Data Privacy Day. This level of collaboration and commitment to accountability needs to be the “default setting” of any organization that uses data about people. LiveRamp is taking measures to make sure we have a seat at the table for these discussions, and are at the forefront of keeping consumers, our clients, and thier businesses safe and secure. 

Interested in learning more about how you and your team can prepare for the next wave of data privacy regulations? Our annual industry conference, RampUp, features multiple sessions covering relevant topics for privacy professionals, including CCPA 2.0. Check out our suggested RampUp agenda for privacy professionals or anyone interested.