Snap Ads Integration With LiveRamp

January 31, 2017  |   LiveRamp

LiveRamp is excited to announce that we have been named a Snapchat partner. This partnership means that brands, advertisers, and platforms using LiveRamp can deliver people-based marketing segments to Snapchat and engage customers and prospects with Snap Ads at the individual level.

With this new level of integration, advertisers can target people-based audiences in the Snapchat platform to enhance their omnichannel strategies.

Advertisers can build segments of individuals using online and offline data, including purchases, conversions, prior engagement, demographics, scoring, and a host of other information.

LiveRamp helps resolve this information to the individual level and enrich customer data so that highly targetable segments can be created. Through the LiveRamp Connect interface, advertisers then activate audience segments in Snapchat.

Once segments are delivered to Snapchat, marketers can leverage them in Snapchat’s unique ads. Snapchat offers access to a valuable demographic with 70% of 13-34 year old smartphone users deeply engaged with the platform.

To learn more about using LiveRamp to incorporate Snapchat into your omnichannel marketing strategy, contact us today.