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Personalization Strategy in a Cookieless World

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

A recent study by Accenture cited that 91% of customers want to shop with brands that personalize content to them and provide specific offers. If a site or store was poorly curated, 48% of consumers say they’d switch brands. Chances are you’re able to offer some level of personalization for your customers, either single-channel, or siloed from the rest of your customer experience. 

In a recent panel discussion at RampUp, Todd Schoenherr from mParticle, had this to say on how his clients are prioritizing personalization strategies that bridge online and offline identifiers to reach individuals in a personalized omnichannel way:

I think our clients are putting [personalization] front and center because they recognize if you want to be able to provide the best experiences to customers, it’s helpful to know if the customer interacting on mobile is the same customer that was interacting on the web. So we’ve been talking about that forever, but the way that they go about that is diligent and respectful. They’re collecting consent at every stage that they can, and saying, “we’re collecting this data; this is what we’re doing with it.”

But I think the ability to stitch that together depends on whether they have the technical capability. Do they have the ability to offer a value exchange where people are logging in often enough? So we help them build as complete a data asset as possible underpinned on identity.  

If you know who your consumers are persistently, you can personalize in an omnichannel way to reach your audience wherever they are regardless of channel or screen. But every function must be remediated for continuity once third-party cookies go away. We are working to maintain the functionality of your marketing tech stack without cookies as an identifier. LiveRamp’s identity solutions are interoperable with your existing technology and capabilities, including DMPs (Data Management Platforms), analytics and measurement platforms, and other partners.

mParticle is just one of the many partners using RampIDs to help customers aggregate and segment audience data for personalized targeting, and measurement use cases that require a consistent view of the customer in different offline and online spaces.