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LiveRamp Partnership Roundup: Beachfront, Beeswax, Nativo, and more

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At LiveRamp, our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data sellers, and publishers to our ecosystem, but we’re always deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you a roundup of our newest partners and new features for our existing partners. 

Latest Initiatives

Data for Good

LiveRamp joined the Ad Council, the White House, Health and Human Services (HHC), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in its efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis. Acxiom, Crossix, and Fluent are donating audience targeting segments via LiveRamp’s Data Store to extend the reach and impact of critical coronavirus response messaging.

Additionally, to support companies looking to recruit healthcare professionals to be part of telehealth services, LiveRamp, together with DMD, is providing data onboarding for campaigns related to COVID-19 at no cost, available today. 

Featured Partners

The end of third-party cookies prompted advertisers to think about the future of the advertising, and therefore the rest of the ecosystem. At LiveRamp, we’ve worked to increase the durability of our people-based, deterministic graph to consistently reduce our reliance on cookies. Joining that effort, here are some of our partners who have enabled our privacy-first identifier, RampIDs, in the bidstream.

Beachfront and Beeswax

Beachfront, an independent video ad management platform, and Beeswax, the Bidder-as-a-Service™ platform, are jointly leveraging RampIDs for bidding on connected TV (CTV). This partnership enables marketers and media buyers to execute CTV campaigns with increased reach and scale.

Ad buyers on Beeswax can increase the scale and impact of connected TV campaigns activated across Beachfront’s portfolio of premium video inventory. Similarly, Beachfront’s publisher partners can monetize their inventory among Beeswax’s advertising clients—all using LiveRamp’s trusted, privacy-first identifier, RampIDs.


With the largest native reach, hundreds of brands trust Nativo’s leading advertising technology platform to scale, automate, and measure their native ad campaigns. For publishers, Nativo provides a technology stack that makes selling, deploying, and optimizing native ads across their media properties easy.

By enabling RampIDs, Nativo creates opportunities for marketers to find addressable audiences in a post-cookie world and provides publishers with better monetization opportunities.

Learn more about how to activate on partners like Beachfront, Beeswax, and Nativo, and find out more about our Authenticated Traffic Solution, or reach out to [email protected]

New Partners

LiveRamp is making data more accessible by connecting data sellers to 120+ technology platforms, as well as buyers across brands and agencies. Whatever the use case, our wide range of data partners, each with their own specialties, offer countless solutions. Meet the newest data sellers available in the LiveRamp Data Store. 

  • AccuWeatherIQ
  • AmeriLINK
  • DMD
  • Freeosk
  • Kantar
  • PreciseTarget
  • Spiceworks
  • X-Mode
  • Zeotap

Interested in working with our partners? Our LiveRamp partner page features 400+ data, platform, and publisher partners. Interested in becoming a partner or activating one of our partner’s segments? Contact us at [email protected].