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Partnership for Responsible, Addressable Media Builds Solution Momentum

  • - LiveRamp
  • 3 min read

We’re energized by today’s announcement by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), 4A’s, IAB, and others on the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media and we are excited to be part of the effort. This enhanced focus will help solve widespread issues of privacy and addressability on the open web and digital advertising—key issues that we have been dedicated to solving for the past several years. We look forward to continuing our active involvement with the IAB, Project Rearc, and now the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, as well as our continuing contributions to Prebid and the W3C process. 

For over three-and-a-half years, LiveRamp has been preparing its customers and partners for inevitable changes to the digital ecosystem. These changes (the deprecation of third-party cookies, major limitations on unconsented mobile identifiers, and more to come) have been unfolding for some time and are now increasing in pace. The agencies, brands, technology platforms, and publishers that have worked with us to construct a new ecosystem built on trust, authentication, and deeper consumer engagement are well-prepared for this new world. 

LiveRamp’s neutral, interoperable Authenticated Identity Infrastructure has seen tremendous global adoption, and is now widely used by marketers, platforms, and publishers every day. To date, adoption includes: 

  • 40+ DSPs and 20+ SSPs live or implementing LiveRamp infrastructure to enable bidding on privacy-compliant identifiers, such as LiveRamp’s Identifier, including 4 of the 5 largest SSPs and most leading DSPs 
  • 100+ publishers, including 60% of the Comscore top 20 and more than 40% of the Comscore top 50, are now addressable through the LiveRamp infrastructure 
  • Rapid publisher adoption and implementation has resulted in a 14x increase in the number of weekly authentications since the beginning of June

With this accelerating adoption, we are exceeding our goals to provide addressability throughout the open web and across all browsers, mobile devices, and connected TV.  

This momentum has created a vast and growing amount of authenticated, addressable publisher inventory, and we’re excited that more organizations, advertisers, and additional members of the buy-side community are engaged.  

We’re also excited to share that the results flowing from building a better ecosystem show that advertisers, publishers, and most importantly, consumers all benefit. In a recent large-scale campaign, a LiveRamp health and technology customer using LiveRamp Authenticated Identity Infrastructure ran a campaign and measured the results against a leading demand-side platform using a traditional cookie and mobile identifier solution. The results were impressive, the client experienced: 

  • 2x higher return on ad spend—measured through online conversions
  • 34% decrease in cost per page view
  • 13% increase in average order value

Additional metrics when using the LiveRamp infrastructure include: 

  • 20%+ increase in CPMs for publishers
  • 25%+ improvement in addressable reach over cookie / mobile ID based buying
  • 20%+ increase in CTR
  • 10x higher win rate enabling better retargeting of leads

In the new trusted, addressable world, campaigns are people-based, 100% measurable, and effective—and the results show how great that will be for everyone.   

If you’d like to start using LiveRamp Identity Infrastructure and Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) today, or you’re a publisher/platform looking to integrate, reach out to [email protected] and we’ll get you live on a durable, cookieless solution.