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MediaMath Goes Live Globally with LiveRamp’s RampID

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 3 min read

The open Internet represents one of the great paradoxes in advertising—it offers marketers enormous reach and the ability to engage with consumers, but to effectively do so is difficult and hard to measure. Advertisers and publishers have been forced to accept the flaws of an antiquated cookie-based ecosystem that include:

  • Loss of data and match rates due to cookie syncs
  • Incomplete views of consumers
  • Inability to accurately measure campaigns
  • Weakened inventory monetization

And, most importantly, the loss of consumer trust.

If you’ve attended RampUp or have been following our blog, you already know that we’re at an inflection point in the digital advertising industry, where brands, publishers, and platforms need to come together to rebuild the ecosystem for a cookieless world.

To that end, we’re excited that one of our valued partners, MediaMath, has gone live with its integration of  RampID into its bidding infrastructure through SOURCE, providing marketers a best-in-class experience for targeting and measurement in order to power premium consumer experiences.

Our partnership with one of the largest DSPs is a significant leap forward in forging a truly accountable and addressable ecosystem. MediaMath will utilize RampID to bid on advertising inventory across display, mobile, and connected TV (CTV). Our partnership will enhance MediaMath’s ability to link devices to users in a durable and privacy-conscence manner. It will deepen the ability to deliver relevant ads and improved customer experience due to higher match rates.

The partnership improves all the significant components of addressability, including:

  • Access to “cookieless” inventory: LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) is a privacy-conscious and transparent solution rooted in user authentication with publishers. It delivers end-to-end addressability and access to inventory in cookieless environments across all browsers, devices, the open Internet, connected TV, and whatever may lie ahead in the future. 
  • Increased recognition: RampID, a durablepeople-based identifier, offers MediaMath a scaled, persistent identifier for transactions by increasing audience recognition and reach to provide even more opportunities for biddable impressions.
  • Neutral and transparent measurement: every impression bought with RampID can be measured on RampID. Brands can access RampID-enabled exposure logs through MediaMath and LiveRamp’s partnership, enabling transparent, independent measurement.
  • Elimination of data loss during delivery: MediaMath and LiveRamp’s integration ensures high levels of data fidelity, as data from brands, agencies, and DMPs made available for activation are mapped to RampIDs. This minimizes data loss while maximizing its utility across the ecosystem, improving brands’ ability to address their customer base by minimizing data loss across the tech stack and increasing match and scale with data contributors.

“With the LiveRamp integration, we help brands reach their audience with more scale, accuracy, and control, and provide improved measurement in the brand’s environment of choice. We are confident this expansion of our partnership will drive powerful performance and deliver more relevant advertising to consumers from the brands they trust and love,” said Jeremy Steinberg, Global Head of Ecosystem, MediaMath.
Interested in learning more about LiveRamp’s ATS and Identity Infrastructure? Please reach out to [email protected]