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LiveRamp to Acquire Arbor and Circulate

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

It’s been a busy few months at LiveRamp with the launch of our platform, but as part of our vision to connect the marketing ecosystem, I challenged the team to one more major goal by asking a question: “What’s the biggest move we could make to double down on our momentum?”

Today, I am happy to announce the result, with our acquisitions of Arbor and Circulate. As one company, we are excited about the expanding possibilities we will have to deliver on our shared vision of unified data and people-based marketing for every brand, publisher, and platform in the marketing ecosystem.

This is a huge step for LiveRamp. As we move forward, the acquisition will:

  • Drastically improve the deterministic reach our customers see today
    • Improved deterministic reach gives marketers the ability to expand their people-based targeting, measurement, and personalization tactics beyond Google and Facebook to more digital and mobile channels.
  • Bring people-based marketing to publishers
    • The acquisitions build on our commitment to connect the ecosystem through RampID. As part of the deal, we have added over 350 new publisher relationships, and we look forward to using our footprint in the publisher market to bring people-based marketing to the publisher ecosystem.
  • Solidify LiveRamp as the leader in omnichannel identity services
    • This is the single biggest action we could take to build on our reach.

Our combined organization will continue its strong commitment to our customer and partner relationships and with this announcement, we begin our planning for an even more comprehensive and innovative suite of tools to bring you.

I hope you share in our excitement about the announcement. We look forward to continued success together.

Travis May, former CEO, LiveRamp