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‘Life beyond Cookies’: A Playbook to Help Publishers Succeed in a Privacy-Conscious Way

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

The industry has discussed at length the legacy of cookies as identifiers—and more recently, envisioning a future without them, given Google’s decision to remove support for third-party cookies in the next two years. Many may assume this move also signals the end of addressability, reaching target audiences, and the return of contextual advertising as an audience proxy. But that would be selling the industry short in terms of how far we’ve come. 

Sophisticated marketers have no interest in sacrificing performance and will look for other ways to protect their people-based advertising strategies. Connecting directly to consumers, with or without cookies, is the best option as both brands and publishers embrace solutions to increase first-party data, including authentication strategies that will ultimately benefit everyone, especially consumers.

We’ve partnered with AdMonsters, curator of digital marketing conferences and content, to develop a playbook that addresses this definitive shift in our industry and provides publishers with a guide to preparing for a “Life Beyond Cookies.”

Some topics covered within the playbook include:

  • The potential of universal identifiers
  • The benefits of traffic authentication and solutions
  • The roles and benefits of an identity resolution partner

Most importantly, the playbook discusses the game plan for a post-cookie world and how publishers can significantly improve their reach and accuracy through a value exchange with their readers. This new future of identifiers provides a more targeted and privacy-first approach to advertising that goes beyond browsers and is ready to withstand new regulations beyond GDPR and CCPA. 

Check out the playbook to learn more about the benefits of people-based identifiers and cookieless solutions.