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Watch: It’s a Win-Win: How Nestlé France and Numberly Are Building Powerful Data Partnerships in Safe Haven

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  • 2 min read

“We’ve all had so much pressure everywhere on collecting first-party data, and suddenly the magic happens. You can have—in clean rooms—true collaboration between a brand and a retailer.” 

The “magic” collaboration that Thibaut Munier, Co-Founder and CEO of Numberly, refers to is data collaboration. During the most recent RampUp, Thibaut shared the immense opportunities that strategic data partnerships can yield, along with the competitive advantages brands can gain—ultimately leading to enhanced customer experiences like never before. 

Samuel Baroukh, Chief Marketing Officer, Nestlé France, agrees. “So it’s not new news to us to start leveraging data there. What’s new, though, is the type of data and the ability to bring both transactional data and activation data together.” Through data collaboration within the LiveRamp Safe Haven platform, the Nestlé France team is able to more accurately identify what their consumers need and how they can deliver those needs to them, not just now—but for a lifetime. 

Baroukh further explains, “This is, to me, a true sign of customer centricity maturity. Because then it’s not only about activating and triggering a purchase. You really want to develop a lifetime value and a relationship with consumers, understanding that this household can be your customer over time.” 

Watch the full session to learn how Numberly and Nestlé collaborate using LiveRamp Safe Haven to unlock the value of data through safe, secure activation and measurement, improving advertising ROI, strengthening customer experiences, increasing ad buys, and creating new revenue streams.

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