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How to Move beyond Cookies and Device Identifiers

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

With App Tracking Transparency requirements just around the corner, and third-party cookies set to disappear by the end of 2021, marketers should be testing new solutions and learning how to adapt their campaigns so they can successfully scale activation and measurement across platforms and devices without third-party cookies or device identifiers. Having a clear strategy now will not just prepare marketers for life beyond cookies, it also creates a competitive advantage. 

Right now, all marketers should:

  1. Create a plan. Evaluate your data and tech to understand how reliant you are on third-party cookies and device identifiers and start transacting on future-proof solutions.
  2. Test and benchmark. Run campaigns with and without cookies against your target KPIs. 
  3. Follow the data. Analyze your test campaign data and website traffic to understand audience patterns. 
  4. Optimize. Continue to move budgets toward cross-platform buying and measurement solutions that are not reliant on third-party cookies and device identifiers.

“If 2020 was the year of education on this topic, 2021 is the year of testing. Brands should aim to get some tests under their belt in Q1, and aim to have a plan in place by fall, to work out the kinks before the holidays hit. We are encouraging clients to begin testing now, to give a full year to learn and refine before the end of the year.” Liane Nadeau, SVP, Head of Investments and Precision Media, Digitas North America 

To keep you on track through this year and next, we’ve assembled the  Advertiser Action Plan, which contains a detailed checklist and calendar of key industry milestones and outlines the specific steps you should be taking month by month.

Additionally, you can check out our recent webinar hosted by eMarketer featuring Travis Clinger, Senior Vice President, Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp, and Konrad Gerszke, President of MediaMath. They review the industry timeline in depth, discuss the implications of upcoming changes to advertising objectives, and advise how, with the right strategy, marketers can improve customer experiences and ROI. 

Don’t wait! Download the action plan. If you want to learn more about activating your first-party data and running campaigns on our Authenticated Traffic Solution, reach out to [email protected].