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Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact Builds the Case for Cookieless Advertising with ATS

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Every good business case needs credible proof points. That’s why LiveRamp commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent study to define the benefits and cost savings for businesses leveraging Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS).

Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) framework identifies the cost, benefits, flexibility, and risk factors that can affect an investment decision. Customers interviewed and researched in the process represent the technology, retail, and health and fitness industries, respectively. 

The recently published study concluded that a composite organization using LiveRamp’s cookieless solution was able to achieve a potential return on investment of 343% over three years, with a payback period of less than six months, by driving quantifiable efficiency improvements and improved audience targeting.  

How can similar results be achieved? Working with LiveRamp, advertisers can seamlessly activate and measure data-driven, cookieless campaigns through a variety of demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs), just like programmatic can today. Using ATS to effectively reach high-value audiences, customers can increase performance across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices—all without relying on the third-party cookies of device identifiers. This includes increasing addressable reach by activating audiences on Safari and Firefox, as well as Chrome, while protecting customer data with LiveRamp’s pseudonymous identifier. 

The value of flexibility

Once a customer achieves these initial business objectives, they also have the flexibility to pursue other scenarios to implement LiveRamp ATS. Leveraging LiveRamp’s ATS, businesses can innovate and experiment with new channels and marketing strategies, improve customer experience and loyalty, and differentiate from competitors that do not offer personalized omnichannel experiences.

Additionally, businesses using ATS had the advantage of compatibility with their existing workflows and structure, and because ATS also met global requirements for privacy regulations, such as the GDPR in the EU and the CCPA domestically, they were able to easily scale and roll ATS out across multiple markets, similar to how other enterprise-level solutions are expanded. 

Lastly, advertisers have also discovered that measurement is a critical use case for LiveRamp ATS, providing greater ability to construct data lakes for analytics and advanced attribution models. As a senior director at a health care organization stated, “LiveRamp ATS technology allowed us to effectively expand reach against target audiences and drive significant ROI without relying on traditional digital user IDs. We look forward to watching this solution continue to evolve and increase in adoption as third-party cookies are headed towards obsolescence for both addressability and measurement purposes.”

By the numbers

Over a three-year period, the composite organization, which spent $125M on marketing annually, achieved the following using LiveRamp’s ATS: 

  • An ROI of 343%, with payback within only six months of initial investment
  • Cost savings totaling nearly $1M* 
  • Marketing budget efficiency worth over $2.4M 
  • Over $1.4M in incremental ROAS 

*$458,351 savings in third-party data; audience suppression saving $509,183

Want to find out what ATS can deliver for you? Download the Total Economic Impact™ of LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), or reach out to our addressability team directly at [email protected] to schedule time to discuss how ATS can deliver quantifiable value for your organization.

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