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Criteo Leverages RampID in the Bidstream

  • - Travis Clinger
  • 3 min read

At LiveRamp, we embrace innovation that solves emerging problems for marketers. Our platform was built with a deterministic approach and provides a fundamental capability for marketers—connecting fragmented consumer identities to deliver better customer experiences.

As robust regulation, browser restrictions, and consumer preferences curtail the effectiveness of cookies, we’ve built infrastructure that allows ecosystem-wide use of non-cookie, people-based identifiers that provide an ability to reach your customers beyond a cookie. During RampUp New York last week, Len Ostroff, Criteo’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, announced that Criteo will bid on RampID, our people-based ID. We’re proud to strengthen our partnership with Criteo to offer our joint clients better access to inventory and higher match rates. This announcement advances our ongoing mission at LiveRamp: to make the world’s data accessible and meaningful. 

The scales, which have long balanced consumer choice and consent, are tipping with the need for advertising revenues to keep the open internet free. Consumers want their data handled with the utmost care, in a privacy-centric manner, while at the same time receiving relevant and useful content. Publishers create content and rely on advertising revenue to keep that content broadly available and free. Marketers need to ensure they’re investing their budgets effectively and look for tools to ensure their messages reach the right people at the right time while also respecting consumer choice. LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution enhance consumer privacy while also enabling publishers to better monetize their inventory and continue to provide the free content that consumers have come to expect.  

We’re excited to work more closely with Criteo to extend their offering and deliver these valuable new benefits to marketers: 

  • Bidding directly on RampID and accessing inventory without the use of the third-party cookie 
  • Buying inventory that leverages a privacy-conscious identifier that respects consumer preferences with a persistent people-based opt out
  • Enabling measurement using RampID; every impression bought on RampID can be easily measured at the people-level in a transparent way, and in the brand’s choice of data environment 

These new capabilities add to current partnership features that allow mutual Criteo and LiveRamp customers to onboard their offline data to Criteo via both Criteo’s Shopper Graph and LiveRamp’s platform. Leveraging both technologies you can optimize and measure campaigns, drawing insights that were not previously possible in the programmatic space. This makes it simple to connect impressions to offline data, including offline transaction data, enabling marketers to optimize campaigns in-flight and providing marketers with a fuller view of the success of their campaigns. Unlike walled gardens, the data sets are freely accessible to any marketer utilizing LiveRamp via Criteo—making measurement more accurate and transparent. 

While all these new features are a significant benefit to marketers, ultimately, it’s the consumer who wins. By bidding on RampID, Criteo creates a better consumer experience, linking both online and offline identifiers in a privacy-conscious manner. Instead of a cookie-based opt out, consumers can persistently opt out at the person level, regardless of device or cookie.  

The future of digital advertising is people-based. The entire digital marketing industry will benefit from solutions that provide consumers with a choice on how their data is used. It also ensures that marketers can effectively reach relevant audiences, and that publishers can continue offering valuable content across the open web and maintain a healthy business model. 

We truly believe this is the beginning of a new era of people-based marketing for the entire adtech ecosystem, and are proud that LiveRamp and its partners are helping lead the way. To learn more about LiveRamp’s partnership with Criteo, visit Criteo’s partner page.

It’s time to start buying inventory differently. Reach out to [email protected] to learn about how you can transact on RampID today.