Publisher Advertising Solutions with A People-Based Approach


With the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), publishers can offer the people-based marketing that advertisers want, extracting more value from the data they already have. Access our open-source solution to unlock IdentityLink™ in the programmatic bidstream, helping you give advertisers the best of both worlds: great brand experiences and supremely relevant content.

  • Web-publisher-New Rev Streams

    Unlock New Revenue Streams

    Increase your eCPMs with enhanced direct, Private Marketplace (PMP), and open-marketplace targeting on identity-enriched ad inventory.

  • Web-publisher-Max Addressability

    Maximize Addressability

    Access cookie-restricted browser traffic to enable addressability on previously unidentifiable audiences.

  • Web-publisher-Future Proof


    Protect yourself from browser-based changes and seamlessly connect marketers to your audience without relying on cookies.

How the Authenticated Traffic Solution Works for Publisher Addressability

  • Democratizing Identity

    Democratizing Identity

    We’ve expanded our commitment to creating an open and collaborative ecosystem that supports the future of how readers and publishers engage, while removing dependence on any single technology provider.

    The Authenticated Traffic Solution allows publishers to match PII with an anonymous identity token in real time, enabling targeting on cookieless inventory across programmatic channels. We’ve partnered with leading exchanges to enable this solution through Prebid.js and header bidding integrations.

    ATS provides enhanced user privacy by offering control over how data is being used with a single opt-out that applies to platforms and publishers leveraging IdentityLink.

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