Offer people-based marketing with IdentityLink


Marketers want to do more people-based marketing in order to target their customers and prospects based on known buying behaviors and preferences. Until recently, those tactics were limited to a small number of programmatic platforms. With IdentityLink, publishers can create people-based solutions across their properties and capture the budgets they’ve been missing out on.

  • 3rd Party Data

    Generate Additional Revenue

    Become a LiveRamp destination. Generate revenue by making it easy for advertisers to find their customers and prospects across your premium inventory.

  • CRM Retargeting

    Create People-Based Solutions

    Partner with LiveRamp to deliver people-based marketing solutions to your advertisers, so they can accurately target and measure the impact of their marketing on consumers.

  • Analysis

    Sell More Intelligently

    Leverage IdentityLink to see where an advertiser’s audience overlaps across your properties. Use this data to sell advertisers new placements and deliver post-campaign insights.

  • Publishers

How IdentityLink Works for Publishers

  • Sync Publisher Identifiers

    Sync Publisher Identifiers

    Sync your identifiers, including mobile device IDs, cookies, and login data, with LiveRamp to initiate the creation of a publisher-specific Identity Graph. The Identity Graph makes it safe and easy to deliver people-based marketing solutions to your advertiser clients.

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  • Resolve Identities

    Resolve Identities

    Our service uses advanced recognition technologies to map online identifiers to LiveRamp IDs, applying individual-level identity resolution through a privacy-safe, deterministic (exact one-to-one) matching process and Acxiom AbiliTec®. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, LiveRamp and Acxiom maintain consistent recognition on 98% of U.S. adults and nearly 100% of U.S. households.

    Identity Resolution
  • Enable People-Based Marketing Solutions

    Enable People-Based Marketing Solutions

    LiveRamp delivers the publisher-specific Identity Graph back to the publisher. The Identity Graph will be refreshed on a regular basis, ensuring that the Identity Graph the publisher is using is always up to date. The Identity Graph can be used to create new people-based marketing solutions across the publisher’s properties for targeting and measurement.

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  • Activate Advertiser Data

    Activate Advertiser Data

    Once the publisher implements their Identity Graph, advertisers can onboard their data to the publisher for activation across the publisher’s premium properties. IdentityLink enables a custom audience-like solution for publishers to productize and sell to their advertiser clients.

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