Publisher Advertising Solutions With A People-Based Approach


With IdentityLink, publishers can offer the people-based marketing that advertisers want, extracting more value from the data they already have. IdentityLink™ helps you give advertisers the best of both worlds: great brand experiences and supremely relevant publisher advertising.

  • Capture people-based marketing budgets

    Offer people-based marketing solutions, such as CRM custom audiences, to your advertisers to capture more revenue across your premium inventory.

  • Data Monetization

    Monetize data securely

    Generate meaningful incremental revenue from your authenticated site and mobile traffic, newsletter readership, and location data, while retaining visibility and control.

  • Boost audience development

    Use online and offline subscriber data in your digital marketing to nurture, cross-sell, and grow your audience more effectively.

  • “LiveRamp, with their integrations, access, and media seat, offered a wonderful way for us to get out of our closed ecosystem and become a more open platform.”

    Mark Risis, Vice President of Partnerships, The Weather Company

  • TWC brings new products to market

    Mark Risis, Vice President of Partnerships, The Weather Company

How IdentityLink Works for Publisher Advertising

  • Offer people-based targeting

    Offer people-based targeting

    By becoming a LiveRamp destination, publishers can capture marketers’ growing budgets for people-based marketing across both direct sold inventory and programmatic private marketplace deals. Develop customized advertising solutions by onboarding your advertiser’s data, your first-party data or combinations of both. Or tap into third-party people-based data from the IdentityLink™ data store to create new audience packages.

  • Develop a data revenue stream

    Develop a data revenue stream

    People-based marketing has created high demand for authenticated web and mobile data, location data, and other people-based audience data. Work with LiveRamp to understand the full value of your data and how you can gain meaningful incremental revenue, securely.

  • Showcase your subscriber audience

    Showcase your subscriber audience

    Tell advertisers more about your audiences and win more budgets. IdentityLink™ provides publisher advertising solutions that helps you discover compelling new insights based on online and offline identity to supplement your proposals. Onboard your audiences to showcase their brand affinities, purchase behavior, interests, and more.

  • Drive subscriber acquisition

    Drive subscriber acquisition

    Newsletter recipients. Event attendees. Your email lists and offline data are valuable sources to target your digital campaigns and boost your acquisition performance. Show special renewal offers to subscribers via social and search advertising. Use lookalike modeling to target new prospects with display advertising. IdentityLink™ provides publisher advertising solutions that helps you find your offline audience online.

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