Offer people-based marketing with IdentityLink


Marketers want to do more people-based marketing in order to target their customers and prospects based on known buying behaviors and preferences. Until recently, those tactics were limited to a small number of programmatic platforms. With IdentityLink, publishers can create people-based solutions across their properties and capture the budgets they’ve been missing out on.

  • 3rd Party Data

    Generate Additional Revenue

    Become a LiveRamp destination. Generate revenue by making it easy for advertisers to find their customers and prospects across your premium inventory.

  • CRM Retargeting

    Create People-Based Solutions

    Partner with LiveRamp to deliver people-based marketing solutions to your advertisers, so they can accurately target and measure the impact of their marketing on consumers.

  • Analysis

    Sell More Intelligently

    Leverage IdentityLink to see where an advertiser’s audience overlaps across your properties. Use this data to sell advertisers new placements and deliver post-campaign insights.

  • “In looking across the landscape and being faced with the challenge of externalizing our capability beyond just the weather platform, we landed on LiveRamp. LiveRamp, with the integrations, the piping to the rest of the ecosystem, the access, the media seat that we saw, offered a wonderful way for us to get out of our closed ecosystem and become a more open platform.”

    Mark Risis, Vice President of Partnerships, The Weather Company

  • TWC Brings New Products to Market

    Mark Risis, Vice President of Partnerships, The Weather Company

How IdentityLink Works for Publishers

  • Sync Publisher Identifiers

    Sync Publisher Identifiers

    Sync your identifiers, including mobile device IDs, cookies, and login data, with LiveRamp to initiate the creation of a publisher-specific Identity Graph. The Identity Graph makes it safe and easy to deliver people-based marketing solutions to your advertiser clients.

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  • Resolve Identities

    Resolve Identities

    Our service uses advanced recognition technologies to map online identifiers to LiveRamp IDs, applying individual-level identity resolution through a privacy-safe, deterministic (exact one-to-one) matching process and Acxiom AbiliTec®. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, LiveRamp and Acxiom maintain consistent recognition on 98% of U.S. adults and nearly 100% of U.S. households.

    Identity Resolution
  • Enable People-Based Marketing Solutions

    Enable People-Based Marketing Solutions

    LiveRamp delivers the publisher-specific Identity Graph back to the publisher. The Identity Graph will be refreshed on a regular basis, ensuring that the Identity Graph the publisher is using is always up to date. The Identity Graph can be used to create new people-based marketing solutions across the publisher’s properties for targeting and measurement.

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  • Activate Advertiser Data

    Activate Advertiser Data

    Once the publisher implements their Identity Graph, advertisers can onboard their data to the publisher for activation across the publisher’s premium properties. IdentityLink enables a custom audience-like solution for publishers to productize and sell to their advertiser clients.

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