Understand the Customer Journey with IdentityLink™


LiveRamp IdentityLink allows you to market to people by creating an omnichannel understanding of the consumer across devices, channels, and platforms. Gain insights about the entire customer journey and then activate those insights in a privacy-safe way to create the optimal customer experience.

  • Personalization

    Target the Right Audience

    Build an omnichannel view of the customer journey and connect data across the LiveRamp partner ecosystem so you can recognize and target consumers across channels, platforms, and devices.

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    Optimize the Customer Experience

    Deliver the most relevant marketing messages to optimize each customer’s engagement with your brand by onboarding to your preferred personalization platform, all while respecting consumer privacy.

  • Publisher Data

    Understand the Omnichannel Impact

    Measure the impact of every marketing touch point throughout the customer journey by delivering the omnichannel view to your measurement platform to understand how to best allocate budgets and optimize strategies.

  • Lowe's Delivers Omnichannel Marketing

    LiveRamp IdentityLink enables people-based marketing on Facebook, Google, and beyond.

    Katie Cowie

  • How AMC Runs Integrated Advertising

    Vitaly Tsivin, AMC

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What IdentityLink Can Do for You

  • Upload Your Data

    Upload Your Data

    Use our self‑service dashboard to securely import CRM, point-of-sale, third-party or custom data segments in virtually any format—or upload data files via SFTP. We process 60 billion records each month and our service was designed for scale, easily handling large files with hundreds of millions of rows.

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  • Resolve Identities

    Resolve Identities

    Our service uses advanced recognition technologies to map online identifiers to LiveRamp IDs, applying individual-level identity resolution through a privacy-safe, deterministic (exact one-to-one) matching process and Acxiom AbiliTec®. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, LiveRamp and Acxiom maintain consistent recognition on 98% of U.S. adults and nearly 100% of U.S. households.

    Identity Resolution
  • Activate People-Based Marketing Strategies

    Activate People-Based Marketing Strategies

    Onboard your data to the destinations of your choice for activation across the marketing ecosystem. LiveRamp has more than 500 partner integrations, giving you the flexibility to run people-based targeting campaigns and measure their success in a customer-centric way.

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