What is Addressability? Why is it Important?


What is Addressability?

Addressability is what connects advertisers and publishers to consumers across digital channels and devices. It helps deepen customer relationships, measure and optimize campaign performance, and improves the bottom line. As we approach addressability without cookies and mobile identifiers, it’s more important than ever to embrace technologies that build trust within the advertising ecosystem.

Why are addressable audiences important?

We are at an inflection point in the advertising industry. LiveRamp helps advertisers and publishers navigate and thrive in this new era of advertising.

Addressability for Advertisers

Transition off Cookies Now–Here’s How

Advertisers who are best poised for success and beyond have already started transitioning off cookies and mobile identifiers to durable and privacy-forward solutions for reach, measurement, and optimization.

Made In: Activating
First-Party Data

See how Made In cookware partners with LiveRamp to activate their first-party data and discover new audiences—
taking them from diminishing results to tasty returns on their advertising investments.


Addressability for Publishers

Six Proven Strategies to Build Your First-Party Data Asset

Now is the time to ensure you have an authentication strategy and identity solution in place to increase authenticated inventory, protect your revenue stream, and deliver exceptional visitor experiences. We put together six proven strategies, tactics, and best practices to garner new authentications and build your first-party data asset.


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