Why Data Connectivity Matters. And Why it Matters to Do it Right.

Data-driven customer experiences are critical to success. Yet, most organizations still struggle to unify, control, and activate customer data across all significant touch points.

Data connectivity allows businesses to drive relevant, personalized interactions with audiences everywhere they interact—all in a secure and privacy-conscious way.

What is Data Connectivity?

Data connectivity links disparate data sets and applications, including data from different identity spaces. This enables collaboration among different parties with data controls, ensuring safe and effective activation across the broader ecosystem. With data connectivity, every consumer interaction can be relevant, addressable, and measurable.

Our Platform

Why Every Business Should Connect Their Data

Identify Your Customers

Customers never sit still

People move and get married. Their tastes change, and so do their tech. Incomplete data makes it impossible to maintain up-to-date profiles of your consumers. Our platform accounts for this, consistently refreshing customer profiles with accurate data. No matter how customers change, you can still reach them with relevant and personalized messages to maximize your ROI without wasting marketing spend.

Solve Scattered Data

Customer touch-points are scattered and siloed

Marketers rely on a wide range of tools to execute their marketing campaigns. With each new platform, marketers get more data that is harder to turn into real insights. Data connectivity provides a definitive spine across your data sets, allowing you to link disparate, siloed data into addressable identity profiles for true people-based marketing.

Connected Tech Stack

Eliminate data silos in your tech stack

A fragmented tech stack makes it harder to reach your customers. Not being able to connect your data and marketing tools wastes advertising budget and opportunities to deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Data connectivity ensures your media dollars are efficient across vendors and platforms, improving your bottom line.

Not All Data Connectivity Platforms are Created Equally

Ready to revolutionize your marketing and unlock value from data while still maintaining control? There’s one final step: choosing the right partner. You’ll want a partner that’s reliable, trustworthy, and privacy-conscious —and that’s exactly what you’ll get with LiveRamp. Our platform is powered by core identity capabilities and an unparalleled data network that is fully interoperable.


Fast, easy activation of offline and online data to help you reach your target audiences and measure results.

Accurate identity

Connecting data across all touch points, including various devices and other IDs, so you can address real people accurately.


Integrations with 600+ technology platforms, data sellers, and agencies so you get an omnichannel view of your target audience; then reach those audiences safely, easily, and effectively.

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