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Twitter Is Deprecating Third-Party Audiences. Here’s How to Avoid Campaign Disruption.

  • - Sandor Jones
  • 2 min read

This past summer, Twitter announced they would be deprecating third-party data in their ad buying platform at the end of January 2020. Currently, Twitter offers access to third-party audiences to supplement platform-native and marketer’s first-party data for campaign optimization. This workflow will soon change as the removal date for third-party audiences is right around the corner, on January 31. 

This announcement may look familiar. In 2018, Facebook removed the ability for marketers to buy third-party audiences through their Partner Categories product. Now, Twitter will be following suit at the end of the month as a means to simplify the buying process for advertisers.

From working with 300+ brands and agencies, we know that third-party audiences can be critical to marketing initiatives across all channels. We’ve created LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace for Consumer Social to help minimize these disruptions in your ad campaigns. With Data Marketplace, you can continue distributing third-party audiences directly to Twitter. Our Data Marketplace provides easy access to a wide variety of high-quality and ethically sourced data, grounded in accurate and scalable identity, ideal for optimizing your Twitter campaigns. Check out our quick guide on third-party data for Twitter campaigns for more information.

If leveraging third-party data for your social media campaigns is news to you, you may be leaving money on the table. Activating third-party data for your social media campaigns enables you to target your own customers when first-party data is not enough. You can also increase wallet share by identifying customers who spend with your competitors. Reach customers who visited certain retail locations with third-party data in the Data Marketplace, or create your own custom segment. 

For more information on how you can activate third-party data from the 160+ trusted partners in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, or create your own custom audiences, reach out to [email protected]