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Supporting Safe Medical Care with Telehealth in a Time of Need

  • - Yuchen Feng
  • 3 min read

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in the U.S., health officials are calling on the public to embrace telehealth services as a safe means of initial diagnosis of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Convenient access to medical professionals in a safe home setting is also ideal in protecting and caring for seniors or those who are immunocompromised and most vulnerable to the disease. And as more and more companies include telehealth offerings in their benefits packages, like on-demand mental health services and virtual office visits, it’s become increasingly difficult to source qualified professionals to match the need. 

To help the telehealth industry address the surging demand for health care services nationwide, LiveRamp partnered with DMD to onboard for campaigns related to COVID-19 at no cost beginning today. 

As the leading provider of services to reach health care professionals, DMD is a trusted LiveRamp partner, providing both offline and privacy-first online data for health care  campaigns. Leveraging LiveRamp’s ability to reach over 90% of U.S. health care professionals in a permissioned and privacy-conscious way, coupled with DMD’s data of health care providers, we can urge and inform doctors and nurse practitioners to participate in providing telehealth services. Additionally, we can also educate the most vulnerable populations on the preventative measures they can take to stay healthy.

Anneka Gupta, LiveRamp President and Head of Product and Platforms said, “LiveRamp’s commitment to its partners and customers is to make data usage safe, easy, and effective. Nowhere is that objective more critical than empowering Data For Good campaigns. Through our collaboration with DMD, we’re satisfying an immediate demand to connect physicians with in-need populations virtually. People can get access to the care they need in real time while still honoring social distancing guidelines to protect the population at large.”

“I would like to thank LiveRamp for their invitation to participate in this mission-critical health project within their Data For Good initiative,” said Dr. Roger Korman, President of DMD. “We are committed to contributing all of our data and channel expertise in health professional email, programmatic, and social outreach to enable doctors and nurses to provide vital telehealth services in this time of national need.”

A leading telehealth services provider has already engaged to onboard health care providers interested in answering the call for telehealth services nationwide. This will help address the surge of up to five to six times the number of patients seeking advice online before heading to an emergency room or brick-and-mortar facility. Telehealth visits can protect both patients and health care teams from exposure during this COVID-19 crisis.

While telehealth services won’t take the place of a physical test for COVID-19, it can help doctors assess an initial diagnosis for a test and provide effective medical care for patients in the event that multiple diagnoses are made at the same time. Those in quarantine and practicing social distancing also benefit from telehealth offerings by being able to take advantage of mental health consultations to help alleviate anxiety and stress during these uncertain times.

We’re all in this together, and must all do our part for the greater good of humanity. LiveRamp onboarding of segments for campaigns to promote telehealth, other health care services, and coverage of health care services related to COVID-19 is available at no cost starting today.

For more information on onboarding segments for telehealth campaigns, or to learn more on how you can join our efforts to reach health care professionals, contact us at [email protected]