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Retailers + CPGs: Plan Your Perfect Day at RampUp 2023

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We’re one week away from RampUp 2023, the event where global marketing and tech leaders come together to connect and share how they use data to power better customer journeys. 

This year’s RampUp is all about connecting data, people, and brands. We’ve invited executive thought leaders from leading retailers and CPG brands, including Albertsons, Dollar General, Mars, P&G, and Walgreens, who are at the forefront of innovative data collaboration. If you’re a retailer or CPG brand attending RampUp, here are a few sessions you won’t want to miss.

Day 1: Tuesday, Feb. 28

Retail Media Roundup

10:30-11:30 am PT

Join us for a unique mixer where brands can make one-to-one connections with top retail media networks (RMNs) in the industry. Learn more about how RMNs can leverage data to connect you to consumers and provide insights about your brand.

Opening Keynote: More Connected than Ever: The Future of Data Collaboration

1:30-2:00 pm PT

We’ve come a long way since the early days of codeshare and the wonder of receiving transaction-level data. Data collaboration has grown from a strategy only a handful of brands could execute and benefit from to a privacy-first, cross-industry practice deployed to explore new business models and deepen partner and customer relationships. Join this session to learn how the seemingly impossible came to be, and what’s new and next in data collaboration.

Who Owns Data Collaboration Anyway?

2:30-3:00 pm PT

Being at the helm of data collaboration requires a firm grasp of business development, technical infrastructure, privacy, and security, which can make it challenging to assume ownership. Hear from our panelists on how they developed the skills to own data collaboration strategy and execution at their brands, ultimately positioning them to truly own their data future.


Making Data Delicious in the Cloud

3:15-3:45 pm PT

If your mission is to make life delicious, how do you use data to deliver on that globally? Don’t miss this session featuring Jason Huertas and Sid Mandati from Kraft Heinz, who will share how they work with internal stakeholders and technology partners to leverage Kraft Heinz’s enterprise data to provide consumer insights and drive ROI across paid media investments. Jason and Sid have led the creation of Kraft Heinz’s proprietary consumer insights engine, dubbed the Kraft-O-Matic, leveraging Google Cloud and LiveRamp’s clean room to enrich first-party data, activate paid media campaigns, and measure incremental sales lift to understand media effectiveness.

Leading Long-term Marketing Change and Business Impact with Data

4:15-4:45 pm PT

Every brand knows when it’s ready for the next evolution in their marketing strategy and a more sophisticated, results-driven approach—this is exactly what happened to Avocados From Mexico. In this fireside chat, Ivonne Kinser shares how the “brand that wasn’t supposed to be a brand” became a leading innovator in marketing by working with LiveRamp to leverage and protect customer data (garnered from high-stakes events like the Super Bowl) and discovered a new way to deliver impactful, long-lasting business outcomes.

Day 2: Wednesday, March 1

Keynote: Commerce Media’s Next Frontier

10:10-10:30 am PT

Sam’s Club and Walgreens invested early in retail media and have reaped the benefits of being first movers in the space. Now focused on the next level of growth, our keynote speakers are forging ahead with innovative relationships and technology to access new audiences. You won’t want to miss this session to learn how you can capitalize on the growth of retail media and better leverage your data, technology, and media investments to engage consumers.

Keynote: Power Retail Media Innovation Across a Near-Infinite Network

10:30-10:50 am PT

Retail media networks have proven to be the golden ticket for brands seeking to offer better customer experiences at scale. Few leaders know this better than Chad Fox, CMO at Dollar General, and Ellen Mulryan, Senior Director, Retail Data Partnerships, at The Trade Desk. In this keynote session, our speakers will discuss Dollar General’s leadership in working directly with countless brands and connecting data across the ecosystem. This seismic shift in retailer-supplier data collaboration allows Dollar General and its partners to increase both media efficiency and innovation while pushing out the frontier of safe, secure, data usage.

The Future of Privacy-First Measurement is Here

11:00-11:30 am PT

The future of measurement cannot rely on pixel or direct data sharing. What replaces these outdated, stopgap methods are direct publisher-brand data collaborations facilitated through enhanced clean room environments. Hear from the brands and publishers leaning into this infrastructure for building trust while maintaining control over their first-party data and why this heralds an exciting new future for the entire ecosystem.


Build Your Media Network Flywheel

 11:00-11:30 am PT

Retailers with diverse, predictable revenue streams are the winners, now and into the future. One key to earning predictable revenue is understanding how valuable your first-party data assets may be to partners, and from there, how they can be used in a privacy-conscious way to achieve shared goals—stronger ROI, better customer intelligence, more engaging experiences, and greater loyalty. Join this presentation to hear how leading retailers have unlocked the power of data to build privacy centric media networks and how they have leveraged identity to drive media activation, measurement, and insights to fuel the flywheel for growth.

How Retail Media Exploded and What’s Next

11:45 am-12:15 pm PT

Just about everyone wants in on retail media. Is it too late for newcomers to vie for brands’ advertising dollars? How can incumbents stay on top amid a slowdown in consumer spending? Hear from both retailers and CPGs on what’s new and next on both sides of the commerce media boom, whether you’re a new entrant, a long-time innovator, or somewhere in the middle.

Unlocking Deeper Insights via Data Clean Rooms

2:15 -2:45 pm PT

Data clean rooms are only as valuable as the results they produce. As the need to develop deeper audience insights and prove ROI intensifies, marketers who invest in data clean rooms that not only organize, analyze, and measure data, but also help plan, activate, and measure marketing spend, are better positioned to win with customers. Learn how a brand and publisher are collaborating through LiveRamp to improve efficiency, power the discovery of new audiences, and increase accurate measurement.

Check out the full event agenda and stay up-to-date on future RampUp events on the RampUp website.