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LiveRamp New Partnership Roundup: comScore, Ibotta, and Kiip

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Our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data sellers, and publishers to our people-based marketing family, but we’re also deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you a roundup of some of our newest partners and new features of our existing partners. Read on for the latest data now available in the IdentityLink Data Marketplace.


comScore provides cross-platform behavioral data to help marketers reach high-value TV audiences and elusive OTT streamers across digital channels for amplified campaign exposure.  These comScore segments help marketers find and target consumers who are interested in specific topics, stream OTT content via select providers, and watch certain TV networks, events, and shows.

For example, marketers running national TV campaigns or branded sponsorships during live events or programs can use segments like “comScore > TV Segments > Events > NFL Playoffs” or “comScore > TV Segments > Network > HGTV: Home & Garden Television” to retarget exposed viewer groups for increased frequency or target unexposed audiences to drive incremental reach.

comScore audiences are now available in the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Marketplace for activation across all major DSPs. comScore’s granular audience segments are based on digital, TV, and OTT behaviors, and are powered by insights from massive cross-platform datasets.


Ibotta (“I bought a…”) is one of the most frequently used mobile shopping apps in the U.S. You may have seen Ibotta’s data in the IdentityLink Data Marketplace already, and now we’re excited to announce a deeper integration to help CPG brands take advantage of the benefits of an expanded CRM.

Powered by LiveRamp, CPG brands now have access to Ibotta’s catalog of SKU-level purchase data tied to an IdentityLink, allowing them to truly understand product purchasers on a 1:1 basis. Ibotta data enables a variety of use cases, including direct media activation, seed modeling, closed-loop attribution, CRM enrichment, and advanced analytics/insights.

By leveraging Ibotta’s deterministic purchase data, CPG brands can finally break the status quo and develop data-first strategies to propel their business forward. Learn more about Ibotta audiences or expanding your CRM by visiting the Ibotta Data Marketplacefront.


Kiip’s unique datasets are powered by first-party deterministic SDK mobile data, signal-based mobile audiences, app usage, location, campaign engagement, and survey responses tied to device IDs that enable you to reach the people who matter—and want to buy from you.

Say you’re a retail brand looking to target shoppers during summer BBQ season. Combined with IdentityLink, you could use a segment like “primary grocery shopper” to target an audience who controls the purchases for their household across their devices.

Kiip Action Audiences are currently available in the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Marketplace for activation across all major DSPs. Additionally, Kiip can generate more granular custom segments through the same methodology or by layering in third-party data where needed.

Keep up to date with all of LiveRamp’s partners by scrolling up and subscribing to our blog. Or take a look at our partners page to review more of our existing data, platform, and publisher partners. And as always, contact us today if you’re interested in getting started with any of these partners or have any questions.