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New LiveRamp Partners Roundup: Thunder and Drawbridge

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We work with a multitude of platform and publisher partners to enable marketers to leverage identity across the digital and TV ecosystems. Our people-based marketing footprint is always growing and changing.

Take a look at the latest round-up of new use cases with LiveRamp partners, all available as destinations in Connect.


Thunder Experience Cloud with LiveRamp IdentityLink reduces media waste by allowing advertisers to personalize, optimize, and connect ad experiences across channels.

Marketers can now achieve the right relevance, consistency, and frequency in their advertising to drive higher conversion and lower media waste. For example, marketers can address frequency problems by running optimal frequency testing. By using Thunder Experience Cloud and IdentityLink, marketers can track how often they are serving ads to their target audience and limit the exposure based on what produced results.

Brands that use people-based frequency applications with Thunder and LiveRamp have typically found 20%+ media savings. 


Previously, Drawbridge partnered with LiveRamp on a case-by-case basis to extend audience reach for select customers. Now, any LiveRamp brand or agency customer can amplify the reach of their audience data across mobile, desktop, tablet, and connected TV using deterministic and probabilistic data.

With our new integration, they can now easily and seamlessly supplement your deterministic data with Drawbridge’s probabilistic data for efficient audience extension.

Here’s an example: Imagine a brand has a list of cookies from online purchases and wants to reach the people associated with those cookies across multiple devices. The brand can use the Drawbridge Identity Graph through the LiveRamp integration to extend the reach of that audience by matching their data to other cookies, mobile device IDs, and even connected TVs. On average, Drawbridge helps brands achieve 5-7x higher reach to their audiences.

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