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LiveRamp New Partnership Roundup: dataxu, Allant, and QuickPivot

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At LiveRamp, our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platform, data seller, and publishers to our people-based marketing network, but we’re always deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions.

We’re excited to bring you a roundup of our newest partners and the new features available for our existing partners. Read on for the newest data sellers now available in the IdentityLink data marketplace, and also the newest platform and publisher destinations now available in Connect.


dataxu leverages data science to create insights that help connect marketers with the right audiences. dataxu’s first-to-market, native integration of LiveRamp IdentityLink™ (IDL) removes cookie matching all together, eliminating the threat of data loss. This integration unifies audience data with a people-based identifier and boosts audience match rates. In fact, buying on IdentityLink natively, instead of on cookies, allows marketers to significantly reduce data loss by more than 50%.

Once audiences are activated on dataxu’s demand-side platform (DSP) TouchPoint™, achieving optimal reach across the customer journey on all screens, including TV, is a reality. Specifically, dataxu and enabled exchange partners transact directly on IDLs as opposed to passing cookies through multiple sources during the bid response process. This results in less data loss and a 100% audience match between dataxu and the SSP. This advanced type of buying reduces waste and saves budget.

Click here to review key benefits of leveraging dataxu + LiveRamp IdentityLink.


Allant Group is a leading marketing services provider that leverages data, analytics, and technology to help brands across numerous industries, from finserv to nonprofit, deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience through omnichannel marketing services. Now through Allant and LiveRamp’s partnership, brands are able to activate their offline audience data for online marketing in a privacy-conscious manner.

Allant performs a series of data hygiene and services (through the appending of additional directly identifiable personal data) to provide the most complete customer record. The enhanced data quality results in superior match rates, more effective digital targeting, and ultimately, a better view of the customer. Additionally, Allant can provide full-service support to manage clients’ digital campaigns from audience onboarding and activation through LiveRamp to digital measurement and attribution for performance results. By leveraging Allant’s data quality and hygiene services together with LiveRamp’s identity resolution, brands can expect higher audience engagement and better marketing results.


QuickPivot’s customer data platform (CDP) unifies, refines, and appends marketers’ first-party data to create a unified view of the customer. Marketers can use QuickPivot to create and execute cross-channel customer journeys. They can also take advantage of QuickPivot’s advanced features like direct mail.  

Now, through QuickPivot and LiveRamp’s partnership, marketers can extend that customer journey by onboarding their first-party data to reach customers throughout the online advertising ecosystem. This new integration enables QuickPivot to be a central system of record for all customer marketing programs for B2C brands.

Marketers can identify an audience in the QuickPivot platform and ensure that audience receives the same or complementary messaging across email, web, direct mail, digital advertising, and social media in a privacy-first manner. Additionally, marketers can use QuickPivot to create suppression lists and avoid unnecessary advertising spend. Since most companies ingest purchase data into the platform, it’s easy to automatically create a list of customers who have purchased the product or service they’re being advertised, and then remove them from being targeted by ads.
QuickPivot has long excelled at helping marketers create robust, cross-channel customer journeys, especially across direct mail and email. Now, with our partnership, marketers can extend that customer journey to the open web.

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