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Modern Retail Summit Recap: Three Ways to Jump-Start Data Partnership Conversations

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Imagine a box of LEGOS. Some people see disorder and want to organize the pieces by size or color. Others immediately start building castles or cars. A third group may see the beginnings of a large-scale, iconic work of art. 

In all three scenarios, the person looking at the LEGOS sees a unique way to achieve what they want. The same is true of data partnerships. 

As we shared at the Modern Retail Summit, every organization can benefit from different types of data partnerships:

  • Type 1: Collect all the disparate data within your organization in service of building a holistic view of the customer that everyone can contribute to and use. This helps you power more personalized experiences and surface relevant content. 
  • Type 2: Connect to third-party data sellers and media partners to understand performance and unlock new insights and optimization strategies by building stronger audiences and unifying measurement in a more granular, accurate manner.
  •  Type 3: Collaborate with trusted external partners in service of a joint value exchange. Retailers looking to partner with CPG brands to deliver relevant, personalized content to consumers is a common example of this type of data partnership.

All three types of data partnerships can drive measurable business results and offer endless opportunities for companies of any size. Most importantly, it is now possible to facilitate these relationships—regardless of the level of trust you may have or want to build with a partner—in a safe and secure manner. LiveRamp Safe Haven’s tailorable data access and privacy controls help you maintain consumer privacy and protect the value of your data. 

No matter where you are on your data partnership journey, LiveRamp Safe Haven can provide the infrastructure and control to support your needs. For more on how LiveRamp Safe Haven works, reach out to us now.