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A Look Back on Earth Month: Interview with GreenRamp

  • - Meira Robertson
  • 4 min read

Last month, we held our first-ever Get Out & Get Green initiative with our newly launched sustainability business resource group, GreenRamp. Get Out & Get Green encouraged LiveRampers to celebrate Earth all month long through “green” activities like gardening, collecting trash, and getting active outside. LiveRampers then posted photos of themselves doing these activities, and for each photo posted, LiveRamp donated to organizations across the world, including Earth Justice, The Goodr Foundation, Sea Shepherd, Hong Kong CAN, and I Love A Clean San Diego. LiveRamp is proud to share that GreenRamp’s efforts during Earth Month lead to reducing waste and plastic pollution, improving daily habits, and giving back to organizations that help maintain a sustainable planet.

In their own words, GreenRamp co-executive sponsor, John Hoctor, and GreenRamp co-chair, Chess Avant-Garde, share more about LiveRamp’s sustainability journey and the exciting initiatives they have planned. 

Why did you feel it was important to start GreenRamp at LiveRamp? 

Chess: One of our core values at LiveRamp is “above all, we do what’s right,” so it’s no surprise that the formation of GreenRamp was a concerted effort. I personally am big on anything outdoor and environment-related—it was my favorite subject as a kid, and has followed me into my career. But aside from my personal interest, it’s become an integral part of organizations efforts to be socially responsible. The funny part is, as I was beginning to lay the groundwork for GreenRamp with other LiveRampers, our Workplace Experience team was in the beginning stages of working to outline sustainability goals for our offices. So the synergies were clear for us.

John: As citizens of Earth, we are facing our greatest challenge. According to the IPCC report, without immediate, substantial, and deliberate actions, the average temperature of our shared planet will increase by greater than 1.5 degrees Celsius within the next two decades. The effects of this change will be devastating for many people across Earth. GreenRamp provides a vehicle for LiveRampers to learn about, share knowledge, and combat climate change through action and opportunities. It also provides LiveRamp with a vehicle to examine and work to eliminate our corporate greenhouse gas/carbon footprint

What was your thought process/overall goal for Earth Month programming? 

Chess: We had three key goals this year—increase awareness, support the movement financially, and get actionably involved. Because of our new distributed way of working, we had to figure out a way to make this possible for LiveRampers around the globe. We challenged the entire organization to Get Out & Get Green, and for every action taken by a LiveRamp Employee, we made a contribution to one of five organizations we selected for Earth Month. It’s clear to us that our people want to be involved in social impact, but just as they’ve had to shift to the new world of work, we’ve had to rethink how we make that possible.

John: Our Earth Month programming was all about inspiration and education. If we could get LiveRampers outside doing things they love in nature, and perhaps also giving back to the planet, we knew the month would be a huge success for GreenRamp. Along with the fun and sense of community these activities brought to LiveRampers, we also provided opportunities to educate LiveRampers on the challenges our planet faces and ways that we all can help make a difference through our everyday choices. We are all in this together!

What is the plan for the rest of the year for GreenRamp? Can you provide a preview or any ideas the group may explore in the future? 

Chess: As we look toward the remainder of our year, we’re excited to be partnering closely with the Workplace Experience team to ensure that our offices are as eco-friendly as possible. In addition to that, we’re looking forward to educational sessions with speakers and influencers in the environmental advocacy space. This is the first year of the initiative and the resource group. We have ambitions that reach beyond education and philanthropy, and I’m inspired by the LiveRamp employees reaching out to help us move further along.

John: We’re actively working on analysis of LiveRamp’s greenhouse gas emissions, which I think is super exciting. I firmly believe that in order to effectively improve something, you have to measure it first. As we work to wrap our heads around our current emissions footprint and the sources of these emissions, we can then make proper business decisions around ways to limit, remove, or even offset these emissions. Wouldn’t it be incredible if LiveRamp could join the growing number of companies that are setting net-zero, carbon neutral, or even net-negative emissions goals? This is only possible if we first do our homework. Of course, all LiveRampers are encouraged to share any ideas they might have through our GreenRamp Slack channel. Everyone is welcome!

What’s your favorite thing to do outdoors? 

Chess: Hiking! If I throw on my hiking boots, I can get lost in the mountains for hours, and that started with my first trip to Colorado in 2017.

John: My favorite thing to do outdoors is anything with my family! Hiking, skiing, biking, swimming, playing sports, eating outside … really anything with my wife and kids in the outdoors is simply THE BEST. We all love being outdoors as much as possible—winter, spring, summer, and fall!

To learn more about GreenRamp and LiveRamp’s ERGs, visit our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging page