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LiveRamp’s Center of Excellence in the Valley of the Sun

  • - Amit Sharan
  • 2 min read

As LiveRamp has grown rapidly, we’ve created specialized hubs in Seattle, Boston, and Amsterdam. While we’ve proven that we can still excel in disparate locations, we also recognized that for some teams, having a center of excellence enables us to collaborate even better and more effectively. With the onset of the pandemic last year, we were challenged to think about the way we work as a team. 

In the next phase of our growth, and in building our new office, we wanted to start with a blank slate for where our office would be and what our new location would look like. 

Our research and surveys of various locations brought us to Phoenix as a city that offered everything we were looking for to set up our second-largest office. We wanted a location that was a short commute away from our headquarters in San Francisco, so our leadership team could regularly travel between the two offices. A city that embraced the tech market, along with a diverse and vibrant pool of talent was also an important criteria in the selection process. 

Phoenix came out on top for where we wanted to build our new center of excellence. The city is rich in its own culture and community, with bustling districts, four major national sports teams, and a renowned university. All these criteria were important in establishing the next center of excellence for LiveRamp. 

LiveRamp Phoenix will be quintessentially Phoenix, embodied with our LiveRamp culture and values, focusing on doing what’s right with respect and collaboration. Most central of our values for this center of excellence is our commitment to our customers. Phoenix will be the hub for our Customer Support, Customer Success, and Business Enablement teams, among others. Understanding our customers’ needs and goals has always been paramount to what we do at LiveRamp, and our newest location allows teams to more easily collaborate and hone in on that. 

As we start thinking about the design of our new hub, we will also keep in mind the Future of Work principles our Chief People and Culture Officer, Brandon Sammut, outlined, particularly that we should define what you’re designing for, and for whom. Check out our careers page to see the positions available in our second-largest location, Phoenix, Arizona.