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LiveRamper Spotlight: Meet Luciana Downing, Principal Customer Success Manager

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Luciana Downing is Principal Customer Success Manager on our Safe Haven team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been with us since October 2017, when our agency team was first formed. In her work, she partners with product, sales, and marketing teams to develop program solutions and expand customer revenue growth, ensure her clients get return on investment, and mentors LiveRampers on her immediate team as well as the broader organization. Originally from Brazil, she is a founding member of the LatinX@LiveRamp ERG.  Learn more about how growth opportunities at LiveRamp enable Luciana to be a lifelong learner, and find out the incredible workday hack that helps her tackle the world.

What first drew you to LiveRamp?

I have significant experience in the advertising agency world. Because I was on the strategy side of agencies, what piqued my interest the most was the intersection of data and digital at LiveRamp—it was so innovative. 

When I joined, LiveRamp had only 600 employees. It definitely felt a lot more like a startup back then. I was transitioning to something that could propel my career while having an exciting opportunity to figure things out from the beginning.

Can you tell us about a favorite project or memory you have from working at LiveRamp so far?

RampUp, our annual summit, has this buildup crescendo where we’re all excited and we’re trying to get all the clients into the event. And then when we meet there with clients, it’s like this bustling environment and everybody is connecting, learning, and meeting new people. 


I would say that RampCamp was also a favorite bonding experience. It was amazing just to have LiveRampers there with their families in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. 

What’s your advice for anyone looking to work at LiveRamp?

If you like the opportunity to learn and engage with smart and passionate people, this is definitely the place to be. A lot of us also like to make an impact. I am a founding member of the Latinx @ LiveRamp ERG, and I met so many people who are engaged and wanting to help the cause of bringing more diversity into LiveRamp.

Tell us more about LiveRamp’s LatinX ERG. Can you share more on its genesis?

I think for all the LiveRamp ERGs, we were in the same boat two years ago. Following the murder of George Floyd, we needed to do more. When Roeh Quisao on our Workplace Experience team reached out and said, “we’re thinking about founding the ERGs,” I didn’t hesitate. I said, “Sure, sign me up.” I didn’t even know at the time how it was going to work, but it felt like the right opportunity for advocacy in the workplace. 

What’s one thing you’ve been able to do at LiveRamp that you haven’t been able to do anywhere else?

What I really like about working here is that I have the opportunity to direct where I want to take my professional growth and my career. I consider myself a lifelong learner. I’m always curious about other areas, what other people are doing, and the different client challenges. So for me, going from the agency vertical to the Strategic and Media alliances team and now to the Safe Haven team, it gives me a different perspective into how we work together. I can very quickly contribute to each team because I have the chance to be in the center of each vertical strategy on behalf of our clients.

What are some of your favorite workday hacks?

I really resist the temptation of getting out of bed and looking at my phone. My routine is rolling out of bed onto a yoga mat and doing my yoga and meditation before I even start my day. That helps me focus. After I have that moment for myself, I’m ready to tackle the world.

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