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LiveRamp Joins Carrefour’s Digital Day 2021: The Future of Data Collaboration in Retail

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Boston Consulting Group refers to retail media as a $100 billion opportunity, presenting a major opportunity for CPG suppliers to connect with consumers and better understand their needs through data collaboration.

Six years ago we embarked on a journey with Carrefour, a leading global retailer, to not only improve their marketing efforts but accelerate their evolution into an industry-leading data-driven retailer. Carrefour wanted more than to just understand their own customer journeys—it was paramount to build and share these new robust consumer insights and capabilities with CPG partners and suppliers to better serve millions of their shoppers around the world. Thus, Carrefour Links was born.

“As a successful first transformation plan comes to its end, we now want to transform Carrefour, a traditional retailer with e-commerce capabilities, into a digital retail company, which places digital and data at the heart of operations and its value creation model. This profound change, which we intend to carry out by 2026, will unleash the full potential of omnichannel, which is today the DNA of Carrefour and a unique asset in the industry.” – Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and CEO, Carrefour

The Carrefour Links platform enables Carrefour’s partners to carry out marketing campaigns across all group assets (websites, applications, stores) and measure their real end-to-end impact, from visibility to sales transactions. LiveRamp helps power this safe, secure connection between Carrefour and its partners on a global scale. 

Recently, Warren Jenson, President of LiveRamp, was invited to Carrefour’s Digital Day 2021 to share how LiveRamp is helping Carrefour become a global leader in data and retail media.

Addressing the audience, Warren said, “I would ask everybody to think about Metcalfe’s law,  which is all about the value of a network and how it grows exponentially as you add additional nodes. If you think about where we are today, and then you forecast out 12, 24, 36 months, we’re not talking about a network at Carrefour with 30 nodes, we’ll be talking about a network with hundreds, if not thousands, of nodes. That will create immense value for your company and your customers.”

Additionally, Unilever CEO Alan Jope shared, “the use of Carrefour Links has really helped us step-change the way we work with Carrefour, enabling us to better uncover shopper insights and create demand through targeted activities. It allowed us to jointly grow our business. We recently completed our first successful data-driven media campaign in France, which resulted in a +18% revenue for our Magnum brand within Carrefour. We look forward to continuing this unique journey together, as we have many more opportunities waiting to be seized.” 

Dave Lawlor, President of Kellogg’s Europe said, “Carrefour’s tools, world-class data governance, and media capability is enabling Kellogg’s to better understand shoppers and consumers in our category in order to meet their needs and deliver the right messaging at the right time to drive repeat purchases and grow the cereal category.” 

With Carrefour and other partners, we love to innovate and make more data available for safe, easy access, activation, and measurement. With customer intelligence in increasingly short supply, our ability to help customers connect data and collaborate with others can help them achieve a competitive advantage.

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