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LiveRamp Expands Global Commitment to Addressability

  • - LiveRamp
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As part of LiveRamp’s continued dedication to building a global, trusted ecosystem, throughout 2021, we will be expanding our presence throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific and entering the Latin American market. We are doubling down on our commitment to extend our global Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, which is live and scaling in all of our current markets.

The clock is ticking

Our international expansion aligns with fundamental changes we see across the entire digital ecosystem. The industry faces impending cookie deprecation and increased privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, reduction of device-based identifiers, and competition for revenue between walled gardens and open marketplaces.  

This results in the elimination of key advertising capabilities and further emphasizes the fundamental need for first-party data. For publishers and marketers, building a full view of the customer is becoming increasingly difficult. The gathering of first-party data can be established through a mutually beneficial value exchange, which provides the user with great experiences that see them returning time and again. With that in mind, implementing a sustainable and addressable first-party data solution is critical to improving customer engagement and driving business outcomes.

Scaling addressability, built on a foundation of trust

With digital advertising at a turning point, we see a huge opportunity to create a new and better ecosystem built on trust and transparency. We’ve developed an infrastructure that fully connects publishers, marketers, platforms, and consumers.

Our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) enables publishers to develop effective addressability at scale and build solid, trusted, first-party authenticated relationships with individuals based on a favorable value exchange. By doing so, publishers create greater engagement and provide marketers with increased confidence relative to their media spend and campaign performance. 

We currently connect publisher audiences with over 400 of the world’s leading advertisers. ATS has gained critical mass, with more than 325 publishers recognizing it as the trusted, neutral, data-protection technology that will withstand industry headwinds. Our solution is fully integrated with major global DSPs and SSPs, including The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Index Exchange, Magnite, OpenX, and PubMatic, with other leading platforms to be onboarded imminently. With this infrastructure in place, marketers can leverage our global partnerships to access authenticated inventory on a global scale with ease. 

Aiming high in 2021

To accelerate adoption, we’re doubling our investment across business development, operations, customer success, and product for brands, platforms, and publishers. We’re excited to announce that Tim Geenen is joining our global addressability team as Managing Director, EU Addressability, and will be leading our efforts in the EU to create publisher and platform addressability and enable brands to buy on the LiveRamp identifier.    

Scaling access to premium authenticated inventory is a key LiveRamp objective for 2021, so we plan to more-than-double the number of publishers who deploy ATS. Equally important is ensuring every major global DSP and SSP, as well as top local platforms, are integrated with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Identity Infrastructure in all markets. 

LiveRamp’s fully interoperable and neutral infrastructure delivers end-to-end addressability for the world’s top brands, agencies, and publishers, while respecting consumer privacy and transparency. Learn more about ATS and our expansion efforts by reaching out to [email protected].