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LiveRamp Enables Choozle Customers to Access Enterprise-Grade Advertising Solutions

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

As an independent digital advertising platform, Choozle enables agencies, marketers, and publishers to create targeted ad campaigns at scale through its self-service portal. Stronger, more targeted data empowers Choozle’s partners to create compelling campaigns that better resonate with the desired audience.

Through its partnership with LiveRamp, Choozle is able to scale and offer higher-quality targeted data solutions to its customers. Choozle can now extend its reach and provide a self-service stack for mid-level businesses and agencies. Now, they can access systems and platforms that were traditionally inaccessible—and are able to scale those offerings. According to Choozle CEO and Co-founder Andrew Fischer, “One of the most interesting and attractive things about LiveRamp to us was really about the scale and the ability for Choozle and our 400 clients to plug into that scale.”

By leveraging the knowledge gained from behavioral, contextual, and geolocation information through LiveRamp, Choozle’s customers can better understand their audiences and create optimized, standout campaigns that drive conversion. 

Watch the video to learn more.