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How Does LiveRamp Onboarding Work?

  • Emily Liang
  • 2 min read

We have a unique philosophy and approach to data onboarding. It’s not just about bringing offline data online. It’s about bringing siloed first-, second-, and third-party data together in a privacy-conscious manner and then resolving it to a single persistent identifier called an IdentityLink.

Here’s how we do it:

Let’s say you’re a retailer that wants to target customers who have indicated interest in a new, expensive, and highly coveted product. You want to reach this audience on all the channels that they frequent, including the online world: Instagram, Google, GQ, Pinterest, you name it. However, you only have offline data. How does our technology help you use this data to find your audience online?

LiveRamp Data Onboarding

  1. Send your email marketing data to LiveRamp. For example, a list of people who clicked on a particular offer in your email. You can do this through SFTP or LiveRamp Connect. Please don’t email this information directly to us as that’s not how we roll!
  2. LiveRamp anonymizes the data you sent in a privacy-conscious environment and matches this information to an IdentityLink. With our identity graph, your list of email clickers may be associated with other forms of personally identifiable information (PII) such as name, postal address, phone number, or additional emails. While this PII is never shared externally, it helps LiveRamp increase recognition rates.
  3. Via LiveRamp’s Match Network, matched IdentityLinks are sent to partners that accept them or are translated to partner-specific cookies or mobile IDs. Since IdentityLinks can be derived from multiple PII, they can also be associated with more partner cookies—increasing the likelihood of matches to a partner.  
  4. Your email clickers will be delivered to the destination of your choice, where you can target them with personalized ads about the new product. Not sure which destinations qualify? LiveRamp partners with more than 500 platforms for advertising.

As the original list you sent to us is now anonymized, standardized, and usable across platforms, you can target these people in a privacy-conscious, one-to-one manner across channels and more accurately measure the results. This initial investment in onboarding can pay dividends in helping you achieve better marketing results, gain an omnichannel view  of the customer journey, and shape the customer experience—every marketer’s dream!