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Adweek Webinar Recap: How Data Collaboration Changes the Way CPGs Do Business

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  • 2 min read

Interesting tidbits about pet ownership don’t often come up during webinars. Yet in learning about data partnerships during our Adweek webinar, How Data Collaboration Changes the Way CPGs Do Business, attendees learned how pet ownership is surprisingly similar to data collaboration.

Just as two dogs from the same litter can have different personalities and temperaments, so too are “data collaborations unique,” Joe Keating, Associate Director of Analytics & Consumer Insight at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, shared. Michelle Dooley, our Managing Director of Safe Haven, followed up with the idea that no two data sources are alike, making it critical to treat each collaboration with care—akin to how you’d look after a pet and attune to their needs. 

Through permission-based, secure data collaboration powered by Safe Haven, Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been able to uncover new insights that not only benefit its core business, but a broader network of pet-adjacent industries. “Knowing that people own a pet doesn’t tell you a lot,” Joe said. “Our first big ‘ah-ha’ moment using Safe Haven came when we were able to combine second- and third-party data with our first-party data,” uncovering “event-based moments” that can indicate that a future pet owner would like to adopt a dog in the coming years, or a current pet owner may be looking to change food brands for their four-legged companion. 

Speaking to the power of retail media networks and other types of data collaboration, Joe also shared that, “Right now, we have retailers and brands competing for attention at the same time. How do we find the time that’s more beneficial for us to be talking directly to a brand, versus coming from a retailer directly?” With better customer intelligence, it can become a win-win situation for brands and their suppliers to collaborate in taking the lead on media messaging, versus inadvertently inundating a consumer with a message they won’t find welcome.

If you missed our webinar, check it out on demand here.