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Watch: The Great Currency Debate: Which Side Are You On?

  • - Meira Robertson
  • 2 min read

Is it still worthwhile to have a single common currency for TV? 

That’s the question at the forefront of most marketers’ minds. With programming now being consumed on demand across multiple screens, measuring the performance of TV ads has become much more complex.  

During this year’s RampUp, Ashwin Navin, Co-Founder and CEO of Samba TV reflects that, “We can all remember a time when there was one video provider in our homes, there was one screen to consume television, and we know that’s a far cry from reality today. Why should we only have one currency to measure what is a very diverse and flexible opportunity we have as consumers to watch video? And so it stands to reason that, as we think about the currency for 2022 and the future, it should be one that quantifies the way we enjoy video today, which is amazing, with flexibility across screens, across providers. I think we can all count more than on one hand the number of video providers we subscribe to. So with this same flexibility that we have as consumers, I think we should be able to offer that same flexibility to marketers, who are probably long past the desire to have just one currency that’s trying to measure everything.” 

But in this multi-currency world, how can you accurately measure TV ad performance?

Watch Ashwin, along with industry-leading experts David Algranati, Chief Product Officer, ComScore, and Joran Lawrence, VP, Product Management, LiveRamp, in a lively panel discussion surrounding this “great debate.” In this session, learn what the panelists believe to be the three key components of TV currency today, more predictions about the future of TV currencies, and how consolidation of TV currency providers will impact the industry moving forward.