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Digging Deeper Into the Collaboration at the Core of Liveramp’s Partnership with Twilio Segment

  • - Alex Hamilton
  • 2 min read

In an ever-evolving industry, an actionable, full 360-degree view of customers has become crucial to business success. Through our new partnership, customers of LiveRamp and Twilio Segment can provide customized and individualized interactions across their media. The partnership equips marketers with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of customer interactions and drive success in this dynamic industry.

Here’s an example to bring to life how the LiveRamp and Twilio Segment partnership can help enterprises.

Enhancing Marketing Performance Through Identity and Ecosystem Connectivity

Sample user: An enterprise retailer grappling with disconnected channels, a rising Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), and the pressing concern to achieve cross-channel activation through their marketing and advertising partners.

Fix: Embarking on a Unified Customer Engagement strategy with LiveRamp and Twilio Segment at its core. Through the recently-released LiveRamp Destination within Segment, this enterprise’s marketing team can now activate and utilize first-party data across the connected digital ecosystem, expand audience reach through modeling and consistent messaging across channels, and gain comprehensive measurement on RampID, enabling meaningful improvements to insights, scale, and reach.

Potential results: By unifying customer data into a robust profile on Segment’s CDP, and infusing it with the power of LiveRamp’s identity, the enterprise can uncover deeper insights, enhance personalization strategies, and achieve remarkable results.

  • Customer-driven success: Implementing cross-functional campaigns that integrate insights from various marketing and advertising channels, such as email, CTV, and personalized messaging strategies, has been shown in studies to significantly boost purchase likelihood.
  • Increased traffic: Leveraging valuable segments from both first- and third-party data sources can lead to substantial increases in in-store visits, enhancing overall foot traffic and engagement.
  • Extended User Lifetime Value: Engaging users across multiple channels has the potential to substantially increase their lifetime value, making a multichannel approach to customer engagement and retention key.

Seizing the future

With LiveRamp and Twilio Segment’s powerful partnership, you can seamlessly integrate channels and elevate personalization. Take your marketing to the next level, delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Learn more and supercharge your marketing strategies by reaching out to [email protected] today!

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