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How Criteo Creates People-Based Marketing Campaigns with LiveRamp

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As a global leader in e-commerce marketing, it’s fundamental for Criteo to be able to reach their target audience at a people-based level, but what does people-based actually mean? It means reaching people on a one-to-one basis. Criteo’s global deterministic device graph helps create people-based marketing campaigns for clients, so it’s key that there are no gaps in data. One of the challenges Criteo faced was verifying whether their ads were being viewed, and if those ads tied back to an offline conversion, thereby validating their client’s ROI.

Using LiveRamp, Criteo solved its measurement challenges of tying its offline conversions and online impressions, creating a complete view of the customer’s path to purchase. “What we have with LiveRamp is a capital P partnership,” says Len Ostroff, SVP of Global Partnerships and Alliances at Criteo. “We’ve built a trusted relationship over time.”

Watch the video below to see how LiveRamp enables Criteo to drive more value for their end customers. Additionally, for those attending the Criteo Commerce Forum on May 9 in New York City, be sure to check out the panel at 11:45 am, titled “Power to the Partners,” where LiveRamp’s Travis Clinger will be speaking more about how we help customers create personalized experiences through our partnerships.

Watch the video: