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Bringing Trusted, Addressable Audiences to Amazon Advertisers

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

As we head into the new year, now more than ever, brands are looking to reach their audience during crucial, decision-making moments that occur online and offline. Developing an audience-first media strategy begins by incorporating trusted first- and third-party sources to create a comprehensive audience profile. LiveRamp Data Marketplace simplifies advertiser access to privacy-first third-party audiences, just in time for annual planning cycles. 

Through the Data Marketplace Buyer API, Amazon DSP users can now access best-in-class third-party audiences in real time to add reach and scale to their Amazon Advertising campaigns. Advertisers in a variety of verticals, like CPG, automotive, travel, B2B, and financial services, can leverage these third-party audiences to meet their campaign objectives. 

“Providing an integration that was direct and based on addressable, scalable reach is paramount for advertisers as we look to the future of the advertising industry,” said Grant Ries, LiveRamp’s SVP of Marketplace and Emerging Business. “Addressable reach has always been top-of-mind for us at LiveRamp. This integration with Amazon Advertising furthers our goal to bring addressable reach to the entire advertising community.”

For more information on LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace Buyer API or to be part of LiveRamp’s trusted, ethically sourced third-party Data Marketplace, contact [email protected]