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LiveRamp Powers Bing Custom Audiences to Expand People-Based Search

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

LiveRamp is excited to announce our integration with Bing Custom Audiences.

Search marketing remains one of the strongest tools to direct down-funnel prospects towards conversion. It’s a tried and true channel that’s high in volume (more than 3.5 billion searches per day!) and easy to measure. But when it comes to people-based targeting, search hasn’t always been, well, people-based.

That changed with Google Customer Match, which extended people-based targeting beyond display advertising and social into search. People-based marketers had already conquered the other half of the digital media pie. They could upload their customer list and use it to optimize their ad buys, or adjust the creative they showed based on that customer’s attributes.

With the volume of search traffic and the ease-of-tracking to determine return on spend, any incremental percentage lift in conversion rate can have a large impact on a company’s bottom line.

And now, with Bing Custom Audiences powered by LiveRamp, marketers can extend their people-based search across the two dominant search channels and maximize the scale of one of their highest-performing tactics.

So why Bing Custom Audiences?

Depending whether you check NetMarketShare, StatCounter, or another source, Bing’s market share worldwide is somewhere between 6-8%. Although, if you just look at desktop search and include Yahoo! Search and AOL Search (both powered by Bing), that share is closer to 13%. (Remember that Bing is the default search engine on the majority of new PCs, and Windows is still the leading operating system for laptops.)

The tactics you’re already using to improve your ad personalization and push your SEM conversions on Google are replicable with Bing Custom Audiences.

Bing suggests that you replicate your Adwords campaign and import that structure to the Bing Ads platform. Advertisers who do this tend to see strong converting performance.

The same can be said for uploading your CRM segments. Now, with LiveRamp, you can easily distribute the same onboarded segments you use for Google Customer Match to Bing Custom Audiences.

It’s as easy as logging into your Connect account, entering your Bing Account information, selecting your audience, and boom—or, Bing!—your Bing campaigns are now people-enabled.

Expanding success of people-based search

With people-based search, a retailer can respond to a search for “summer activities” with an ad for a kiddie pool while suppressing the ad for a garden hose that the customer just bought.

A credit card company can display an introductory offer to a prospect searching for “best travel points” and an ad for another credit card when a current cardholder searches for the same thing.

Or an advertiser can show a high-value prospect or loyalty customer a custom special offer when they’re searching for a related keyword.

Many companies and their search teams have benefited from introducing people-based search, seeing multiples on their return and increased conversion rate ranging from 2x-5x.