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Activate and Optimize Your Media Plan through Onboarding

  • - Allyson Havener
  • 3 min read

So you’ve gone out and amassed huge amounts of data (with permission, of course). Now what? 

Yes, first-party data is critical to have, but on its own, it’s kind of like being all dressed up with nowhere to go. You’re no better off having that data than you were before you had it. To be useful, that data needs to be usable across marketing platforms and channels.

To drive effective people-based marketing, your data needs to be available to all of your marketing platforms and partners. This is done by transforming your disparate data silos into well-organized, people-based identifiers, and then making that data available to the right partners.

Transform your data into marketing gold

Data drives marketing strategies, but a lot of data isn’t worth much if it isn’t tied to a people-based identifier that you can address on the open web. The key to making data valuable is to work with an efficient and accurate data onboarder.

To have a true omnichannel view of your customers, you first need to bring all of your first-, second-, or third-party digital and offline data together and resolve it to single people-based identifiers. That’s what an effective data onboarding process provides.

Onboarding through the LiveRamp platform  allows you to transform your first-, second-, and third-party data into people-based identifiers called RampIDs. Matched RampIDs are sent to partners that accept them or are translated to partner-specific cookies or mobile IDs, enabling you to use your data for people-based marketing across countless channels through our 500+ partner integrations.

Marketers can then see who they’re talking to—across every device, browser, touch point, and system—and market to them based on who they are, what they like, and how they’ve behaved in the past.

Expand your media strategy

We know that marketers have a growing number of platforms and channels they work with, but we have yet to find a marketer that works with all 500+ of the platforms we’re integrated with. Not that we’re saying you should strive for this exactly, but we’re pretty sure you can find a channel or platform you’ve wanted to work with or are evaluating on our partner page. We make it just as easy to send your data to those channels and platforms as we do to Facebook, Google, The Trade Desk, Xandr, and hundreds of others.

Optimize your channel mix

Now that your data is actionable across all of your marketing channels, you can finally compare channels on an apples-to-apples basis. You’ll be able to see which channels are better at reaching a greater percentage of your target audience. You’ll know which channels they convert on the most. You’ll be able to switch out messaging and A/B test at the people-based level. You can actively suppress ads to avoid wasted media spend. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do once your data is people-based.

On your end, you’ll be able to experiment and be more creative with greater accuracy and certainty than ever before, and achieve greater ROAS. To your audiences, they just see better, more personalized experiences. It’s a win-win.

Creating actionable data is only the beginning

Transforming your data sets to people-based identifiers and deploying them across your marketing platforms and partners are just some of the things you can do after onboarding your first-, second-, and third-party data.