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Announcing LiveRamp AbiliTec

  • - Lisa Rapp
  • 2 min read

Since I started working on AbiliTec™ over a decade ago, I’ve watched the marketing industry evolve. Although the core of marketing hasn’t changed much, the industry has changed significantly with new technology and the explosion of data and digital. Now marketers are trying to get back to the heart of their craft by understanding the needs of consumers, and they rely heavily on their technology providers to enable exceptional customer experiences at scale. In turn, these martech platforms rely on LiveRamp to provide the identity graph upon which they build their people-based marketing solutions.

An identity strategy must be designed to be both interactive across multiple channels and also flexible enough to keep up with the changes that occur in customers’ lives. That’s why we are excited to bring AbiliTec to our martech ecosystem partners. Since LiveRamp took ownership of the platform from Acxiom earlier this year, it has improved the reach and accuracy of our identity graph for all of our customers.

Solutions built upon  this technology will allow martech platforms that connect different data sets, like customer data platforms (CDPs), enterprise data warehouses, and master data management solutions, to offload their identity resolution needs to a trusted partner and better serve brands’ needs.

The Power of AbiliTec

Today’s consumers move fluidly between offline and online channels—getting identity right requires getting it right everywhere. The addition of AbiliTec to LiveRamp’s identity resolution portfolio allows us to connect a consumer’s offline identities in a privacy-conscious manner, even as that person moves across the country or changes their last name.

AbiliTec uses advanced algorithms refined over the past 25 years to resolve disparate directly identifiable personal data (such as emails, phone numbers, names and addresses) to a single individual and applies a unique, persistent identifier. Its addition moves us closer to reaching our goal of providing a true omnichannel identity solution by enabling our platform partners to deliver greater value to brands while maintaining consumer privacy.

It’s never been more important to create a complete view of a company’s customers.

Failing to recognize these linkages means that marketing technology platforms and the brands they serve might risk missing out on valuable up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, or alienating consumers with irrelevant ads. Brands might even end up targeting people that they’re trying to avoid, exposing the company to risk.

Start Connecting Now

The  API allows platforms to frictionlessly integrate LiveRamp’s AbiliTec product into their system. It adheres to industry REST standards and uses OAuth2 to ensure the highest level of security. The API can meet your transactional, real-time needs for web personalization or call center verification.

Whatever your needs are, LiveRamp is committed to helping platforms and brands deliver exceptional experiences to consumers, and we’re excited to offer this product  to make offline identity stronger and easier to use.